Womens Minister is blatant sexism

May 9, 2006 at 9:38 am | Posted in England, Equal opportunities, Human Rights, Political Correctness | Leave a comment

Following her first full day as Minister for Women and Equality, Ms Kelly said

“I will fight discrimination, whether it be on the grounds of race, gender, disability or sexual orientation.”

So it would appear that Ms Kelly has a fight on her hands straight away and the big bad girl in all this- The British Government

Why ?
The very existence of a Minister for Women is sexist by nature. It assumes that all discrimination is against women.
Anyone who has dealings with the family courts, or is wrongly accused of a sex crime will tell you the hell that many men have to go through. For these men, the existence of a Minister of Women is an insult to justice.
If there is going to be any sort of minister, it should be called Minister for Gender, and it should allow a man to fill the slot.

A Minister for Equality that is gender specific giving open preference to Women is a contradiction of Equality,so where are Men in all this ?,where is our Minister for Men and Equality ?,because as yet WE don't have one,to include a institutional bias from the get go for Women undermines and utterly renders this double standard VOID,a concept that in theory is gender neutral and is for the betterment OF ALL irrespective of gender should not have any reference to a specific gender,that is what equality is- being blind to difference.

The BBC had an item on this some time ago on Radio 4 you can hear it HERE


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