Geographical wind of amnesia set to cause trouble

May 15, 2006 at 3:15 pm | Posted in Devolution, England, Schools, Scottish Raj | 2 Comments

God I’m not in a very charitable mood as my computer is crap and causing grief,but me thinks those oh so caring sharing PC zealots who wrap those ever so special someone someone groups up in a veil of unnecessary “it’s ok you don’t have to really live here, just pretend” mumbo jumbo are at it again,but for some inexplicable reason,they have tripped over their globe,bumped their heads and come up wanting AGAIN,now 2+2 doesn’t equal 4 anymore it equals whatever you like just as long as your ok with it !.


Well according to the BBC and other news media

British values classes considered

The British government is to review whether “core British values” should become a compulsory part of the curriculum for all 11 to 16-year-olds in England.

So The British Government and by British just read defacto Scottish Southern Government

want to teach British values (whatever that means)to kids not in Britain as you might logically assume would be the logical venue, but NO,it would appear the Manga machine has touched upon the Raj like a sweet smelling breeze and erased their World geography,the mysteries of the existence of an alternate reality step out from Dr Who and land here IN ENGLAND.

Yes Boy,Girls and other,the British Government only want to fill the heads of English kids with their brainwashing filth,how wonderfully selective of them to pick only English kids,do Scottish,Welsh and Northern Irish kids not deserve their preferential treatment too or are they Sooo wonderfully British already we English need to catch up with the Rajistan know it alls,I wonder ?

Can anyone explain why it is that Scotland run Britain and their own Country,and repeatedly and arbitrarily just say “right England is to be brainwashed with our new and improved list of B****hit mind control claptrap” which is just another way of imprisonment without walls,yet our glorious Celtic blonde blue eyed pure breeds can run free and have their own opinions,oh right so that’s it then an old War time policy for Tony’s Scottish Reich,no Britishness tests for them then.

So we have a paradox,that is Britishness classes but NOT IN BRITAIN,

If the Raj refuse to educate their own kids with their version of (Culture) cough, cough, splutter,

why in Gods name should English kids be forced to down this pill alone ?

If Scottish kids get Scottish culture,Welsh kids get Welsh culture and Irish kids,Irish Culture,when did logic get flushed away to stop English kids getting English culture?

This is unadulerated selective discrimination of the most transparent kind

This is not democracy this is dictatorship,pure and simple.



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  1. I think it’s great because all it’ll do is push English folks even closer to the English nationalist side.

    There must be some real intelligent people at the fascist new labour h.q.
    Really, what better way to indoctrinate people than to force shite down their throats. I don’t think so. Ha! ha! What a bunch of idiots.
    All new labour are doing is pushing people away. All this shite isnt being done for English people anyway. All this communist dictatorship crap is being done so “ethnics” (English is an ethnicity by the way) can be indoctrinated with Britishness. Well that’s what the new labour twats think. They are so far off the mark it’s pathetic. Of course it’ll never work. The “ethnics” are not “British”, they’re ethnic. For years new labour and their commie ilk have been telling us just that, but now they think they can change people’s identity just like that. Pathetic bastards! Well we all know it’s gordon the commie’s idea. F*** YOU BROWN YOU SCUM!

  2. Teaching kids in England British stuff will go something as follows…. ‘King John was forced by the British liberals to sign the Magna Carta ….. Henry V cried “For Britain, Harry and St Tony” as he had a little local difficulty with our friends, the French….. When William the 1st invaded the South-East region of Britain, he resolved to, one by one defeat the other 8 regions of Britain – to go right up to the noble and proud country of Scotland. That way he would be crowned King of Britain – and with that he was immediately infused with huge dollops of British values…. In the year 958, it was decided that people within England wanted henceforth to be known as Britons – from Britain and not little Englanders, or perverts, or racists from England. That way, at a stroke, all the evilness from the whole 9 regions was expunged and cast out. Immediately, it was seen that everything was so much more organised. The carts ran on time, courtesy of BST and the village idiots suddenly got smart. Lepers got better as the goodness of British values bathed away their evil English malaise….. In the 14th century, the Black Death (or English Pustulating Flux as it was known at the time) sweeps Britain. This is seen as punishment from God because some subversives still clung to the possibility that Britain can be made bad again and be called England…….

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