I almost agree-almost

May 20, 2006 at 7:18 pm | Posted in BBC, England, Scotland, World Cup | 1 Comment

I am well aware that there are many pretty decent people in Scotland as in Wales,unfortunately they,like any Country, just have a habit of saying the wrong thing when it would of been better to leave out that little "ahum cough"INACCURACY.

My case in point today comes from what would of been an article that was essentially factual,but then ruins it all by getting it wrong.

The chap in question does raise some good points such as

we are getting sick of the incessant reminders that Sven's boys will do the "whole nation" proud and bring the trophy home.

It may come as some surprise to the BBC that not all of the inhabitants of this island we inhabit are English.

He is spot on and I agree totally,the inability of the media,not just the BEEB to grasp that a great many success stories are nothing to do with Britain gets right up my nose too,it's either talking about Britain but meaning just England or talking about England and trying in vain to somehow make it Britain !!.

BUT THEN the house of cards comes crashing down as he ruins it by saying something stupid.

calling us English overlords,what a shame all that good work spoiled in a rash childish outburst which as we all know is backwards as it is the Scots who are Englands overlords,and that isn't opinion that's FACT.

almost but not quite


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  1. The idiots have to say that. They LIKE being the victims. They don’t like having nothing to whine about and they hate being seen as the hypocritical, LYING, DECEITFUL, pricks they are.
    If you ask me their worst trait is denying the truth to themselves! It is very immature to deny reality, infact, some people claim it’s a mental illness. Just ask any psychiatrist!

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