Joseph Harker is making a mockery of integration

May 20, 2006 at 10:11 pm | Posted in England, st George, World Cup | 1 Comment

Over the last couple of days this guy has gone from a nobody to public dickhead of the week,by openly criticising the Country he lives in.

The article in question Flutters of anxiety,in it he slams his own career self destruct button by slagging off Every English person in the land.

Here is a man who supports Brazil and by his own words has nothing whatsoever in common with England,yet still insists on living here ?

On doing a web search for this thoroughly unpleasant man and reading the eye watering fantasy land he lives in I must admit to getting quite angry and as such will not print my annoyance for public display at this time.

So you can uncover for yourself this delusional Black man who considers making sweeping racist statements against whites as perfectly fine,and would appear to not realise that he is indeed a far worse kind of hypocrite,read his list of articles and figure out for yourself how such a miss informed racist bigot can be a paid newspaper writer ?

This man is a very very dangerous fool who should be made to apologise to England.


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  1. The police will want to talk to him for spreading racist anti white rhetoric. Ian Blair where are you now? You were sure interested before so what happened?

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