Copy & paste formulaic Scottish hogwash

May 21, 2006 at 6:46 pm | Posted in England, Northern Ireland, Politics, Scotland, Scottish Raj, Wales | Leave a comment

Oh (GROAN)how tiresome,a verbal bilge pump spills out our newest dose of copy paste,we hate you so there journalism.

The culprits this time as ever are not Dr No or the Master but our ever so clear minded SS from afar the Scots AS USUAL (GROAN AGAIN)impending annoyance.

So why the desperate urge to go "BORING" very loud ?

Checking up on things, WENAP,the CEP,and The England Project bring to light in graphic detail yet another stereotype crying and stamping of feet of our very own bottomless pit of English tax payers money-namely Scotland,the issue is churned up in an article written in the Sunday Herald,which reads like someone has snorted a line of coke before hand by it's hallucinogenic twist on facts bordering on Alice in Wonderland fantasy.

Claims made in the work essentially deem English people racist due to us wanting equal rights and not having to babysit Scotland financially.

polls over the years have detected latent resentment at a Scottish “Raj” running English affairs. Like all racism, this has remained latent despite attempts by the Daily Telegraph, Jeremy Paxman and the Campaign for an English Parliament to inflame it.

humorously transparent attempts at Scottish racism towards England do nothing to endure you to these people.

Racism? Why is it racist to object to a Scottish "Raj" "running English affairs"? And is this "racism" any different to the "racism" that precipitated Scotland's quest for a measure of self-determination, distancing itself from the 'auld enemy'? It would seem that English nationalism and pursuit of self-interests is racist, whilst Scottish nationalism is a healthy expression of politics and identity.
(quote from CEP)

For the likes of you who are unaware-we in England bankrole Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland,fluffing their economic pillows to the tune of Millions per year whilst getting shafted elsewhere for our troubles,so is it any wonder I would actually like my English tax money spent in ENGLAND not Scotland.


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