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May 22, 2006 at 2:23 pm | Posted in England, Health related, Schools | Leave a comment

Another Day another dollar,although in my case,another Pound,24 little hours in the day and it would seem Tonys Scottish Raj spend most of that time dreaming up new and exiting ways to pigeon hole only English people.

Todays indoctrination from above concerns children of a certain size,now according to the BBC

Tests to see if children aged four and 10 are overweight are being introduced in schools.

The Department of Health has opted to go ahead with the tests, despite opponents saying it could lead to overweight children being bullied.

Pupils in England will be weighed and measured as they start primary school and again before they leave.

You will see as every English person in the land has already grasped,that this DO IT NOW OR ELSE new way of doing things is being brought in by BRITAIN but only affects England !!,not Britain as a whole,so leaving Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland free to cater to their children without (as usual) Raj interference.

I saw this story first thing and it was so hopelessly transparent that this nonsense would only be tried on people who couldn't say NO,as England is a helpless prisoner of Scotland and Wales,I didn't even have to watch the news to basically know all about it already.

Are we saying children of a certain size don't exist in Scotland or Wales,I wonder ?.


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