Blair has convenient memory lapse for World Cup

May 24, 2006 at 7:09 pm | Posted in England, Politics, Scotland, Scottish Raj, World Cup | 1 Comment

Cheers for that-whilst having a cup of tea and having a rest,watching Sky News after an 11 hour day,I was greeted by the sickening sight of Tony "I'm Scottish"Blair clumsily trying to look comfortable holding an English flag and reportedly indicating his support for Englands World Cup Team.

Now pardon me but I have a few issues with this image.

Tony Raj Blair is Scottish NOT English and is on record saying,quite obviously that he supports his own Country (SCOTLAND) at sports events,so this transparent attempt at fawning over a team he is on record as NOT SUPPORTING,is a disgusting sight of openly trying to placate an English electorate who couldn't give two s**ts about him.

It is disgusting because he isn't English and should have nothing to do with Englands team-his isn't in the World Cup,we in England all know that,so as an English person seeing a foreigner grope our flag as his own is a sight I don't want to see again.

It is disgusting because he is offending his own Country of Scotland by faking this pseudo support for a Nations team other than his own,so he is offending the English and the Scots for exactly the same reason-offending England for holding our flag and offending Scotland for holding our flag,perhaps next time he can pretend to be Welsh or perhaps Irish ?.

This toe curling fingers down the throat scene would of been perfect if he had just admitted to blatant vote grabbing,it's patently obvious that when England get knocked out in the Quarter Finals he will not shed a tear,infact he will most likely brake out the bubbly.

so much for you, two faced Blair.


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