Mel Gibson is King of the misery guts

May 26, 2006 at 7:01 pm | Posted in England | Leave a comment

Why ARE the Scots so sour about the English ?

According to the Daily Mail

Mel Gibson,who as we all know is an Aussie American,or American Aussie,whichever does it for you,is King dodgy accent guy of the grumpy gloom and doom sect commonly known as The Scots.

Why won't Scotland back England at the World Cup? The Scots certainly appear to have a grievance at the minute, as they recoil at every expression of English nationalist spirit in the build-up to Germany.

This article by the Daily Mail,in my opinion is pretty good,although there is one very odd mistake that I cannot explain and it is thus.

Never mind that we are content for two of our three major political parties to be led by men born north of the border.

TWO ? since when has it been TWO out of THREE ?

I think you will find that all three parties are run by Scots actually.

I must say a somewhat odd little error in what otherwise is a sound article.

It is certain that a large section of the tartan population will be cheering on whoever England's opponents are.

A very true statement,one I have remarked upon before as being a no brainer as WE,the English know all too well.  


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