Scotland should stop bullying it’s own people

May 28, 2006 at 8:48 pm | Posted in England, Football, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Scottish Raj, Sport, Wales, World Cup | Leave a comment

Is there a World Cup on any time now ?


And who is in it I ask ?

England !

NOYES really

So ok I am taking the pizza,but it is for a good reason,we,you me the dog know the World Cup is almost upon us, and we all,if our Country isn't playing have a fallback team to watch,whether it is because of family history,your life partner or you like the place as a holiday destination,you are free to either support someone or not,it is not the law, and no one will die if you never watch it.

So to my point and that is the blind continued attempts by the media and the UK Government to badger and harass and intimidate foreign persons to support England during the World Cup like it was their duty or something, BOLLOCKS.

The Scottish Raj have been systematically trying to force it's own populus to support my Country rather than boo us off the pitch as normal,examples of which can be seen,HERE and HERE,and with toe curling examples of a Scottish politician openly humiliating himself in a glorious act of turncoat treachery HERE

There has been numerous comment made on this issue with comments such as.

Cynics might suspect that Mr Brown is trying to ingratiate himself with the majority population of these islands,

This is right Gordon Brown performed a glorious act of political fellatio on the English electorate because he knows he needs OUR VOTE to stay in power because Labour LOST in England.

But this tactic has backfired due to his sycophantic betrayal of his own Scottish electorate and his own Country of Scotland,he is a Scottish Benedict Arnold.

more comments such as this are commonplace right now.

Oh I forgot to post the BBC World Cup Commentary guidelines:

1 -Within 1 minute of kick off in the opening match (Germany v Costa Rica), the commentator must mention England.
2 – Regardless of what two teams are contesting the final, England have to be mentioned within the first minute.
3 – The commentator shall refer to the Falkland Isles in passing at some point in the match if England play Argentina.
4 – Whenever a hat trick is scored, comparisons with Geoff Hurst will be made within seconds of the third goal hitting the net.
5 – Should England wear their red jerseys, then '1966' should be
mentioned approximately 20 times.

Unfortuately I am forced to agree totally with this opinion !!

I will be the first to admit that I am fairly non plused about the World Cup,I am fully aware England won't win,and just hope they at least make the quarters and lose gracefully,but not on penalties.

The issue with regards forced support for a foreign team is an issue I totally disagree with,the Raj and the Beeb should be utterly ashamed of themselves for even hinting at this distasteful concept.

I am English and have no intention now or ever of supporting Scotland or Wales for that matter,not because I'm a beastly rotter or something,just plain and simply I'm English,I'm not Scottish so WHY WOULD I SUPPORT THEM ?,it is a fact of birth,I have no Scottish relations,so no family history,my Mums family is English/American/Canadian,and my Dads is Russian/Irish/Welsh.

I am quite happy for whomever not to support England as they have no need to,just as long as they don't make a big thing of it near me,and the Raj should STOP telling it's own people what they should think,but I will say thisEnglish people who swan around in Brazil tops saying they are the best so England can go F**k itself have my deepest contempt.



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