It ASDA make financial sense

May 31, 2006 at 8:13 pm | Posted in Asda, England, Scotland, World Cup | 1 Comment

Yes ok I can see the logical reason for THIS,but as usual,I have another twist to chew on with regards the World Cup and ASDA and it is this.

ASDA in their ENGLISH stores,obviously stock World Cup related clothing,so no biggy there,until you look again !

in England they stock World Cup themed clothing for Scotland and Wales and Republic of Ireland,the point being none of these are in the World Cup,only England,so what is that about ?.


The other point is that Scottish stores are being spared having the beastly England stuff in their stores,yet another example of Scotland having to have someone hold their hand and say “there there mummy kiss it better,we won’t mention the beastly English again”

How come in England we are all inclusive giving ALL OF SOCIETY a place to celebrate football,yet in Scotland NO NO NO don’t mention the World Cup,to me that smacks of a Scottish society afraid of it’s own racism.

If WE in England hinted at a we don’t won’t you culture we would be in s**t street,not so in Scotland it would seem,God I love the smell of a double standard,just put it between two slices of bread for me,GRAND.


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  1. […] Hypocrisy and money do go hand in hand though and examples of this abound right now,I have already posted with regards to ASDAS World Cup schizophrenia HERE,but on reading WENAPs comments about the axis of evil ie-TESCO AND SAINSBURYS,I decided to revisit my previous post to make my point,as the kids say “yo yo big up” my point with pictorial proof of the strange and often mysterious world of the marketing persons. […]

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