Footy banning orders will force nutters north

June 1, 2006 at 5:03 pm | Posted in England, Football, police, Travel, World Cup | Leave a comment

With the World Cup but a few more days of "can England win" overload on the telly,with lots of people saying "we and us" and "the whole Country" when they don't mean a word of it,the subject of twatty little footy yobs comes to mind.

According to the BBC More than 3,000 people subject to football banning orders are set to hand their passports into police.

Bryan Drew, head of the UK Football Policing Unit, said the British authorities were doing all they could to co-ordinate their efforts with the German police.

He said the British police would seek to identify the risk supporters and do as much as they could with the powers available to stop them leaving the UK.

Slight problem there Bryan I'm afraid,this guy Bryan Drew (bless him) is so called head of UK Policing,problem being he isn't in charge of the UK only England and Wales,and the simple fact that banning orders only cover England and Wales,how bloody hard is it for Johnny Dickhead to fly to Germany from Scotland or Northern Ireland,so much for in charge of UK,who is in charge of Scotland and Northern Ireland I ask ?.

And why does this guy say he's in charge of the UK when he's NOT ?.

Why if the so called Authorities (cough,stifled laughter)want to prevent airheads from going to Germany do they only prevent people from leaving 50% of a landmass while leaving the rest open yet claim to be doing all it can (can't stop laughing).

I can just picture it now,tattooed plonkers all tooled up flying out from North Britain while the so called Police wave goodbye.


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