Oh for God sake,not again

June 1, 2006 at 8:45 am | Posted in England, Football, Scotland, World Cup | Leave a comment

I'm suitably miffed at GMTV this morning as they are banging that stupid,stupid,stupid drum of WILL SCOTLAND SUPPORT ENGLAND during the World Cup-answer NOOOOOOOOOO.

That moron of a women presenter(don't ask me who she is)blabbed some Nazi rot about how the Scots must have a problem supporting the Head Boy at school-WHAT ?

Clearly GMTV and the media at large must assume we are all part of a caring sharing CO OP United Kingdom-our survey said YOUR WRONG.

We the English,the Welsh and the Scots,basically couldn't give a s**t about each other really,we are all just waiting around for independence from one another.

The media should shut the F**k up whining at Scotland,it is the medias problem not theirs,this constant banging on about how as the UK surely we support each other is a laughable example of how the media just don't get Devolution or National pride,England is a proud and historic Nation,Wales and Scotland are proud and historic regions,Britain was and is an artificial political construct built by Scotland for stability,this need is now gone and we want out,for the arrogant media to assume we are still playing happy families is insulting to us all and a signal that the UK Government is still making headlines from the back room,putting out THEIR propaganda.

Media News Flash to GMTV

English people support ENGLAND/and whoever is playing Scotland or Wales

Welsh people support WALES/and whoever is playing England or Scotland
Scottish people support SCOTLAND/and whoever is playing England or Wales
Irish people support IRELAND

It really is that simple GMTV get it through your thick F**King head.


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