Pulling the wool over the eyes of the world

June 4, 2006 at 8:11 pm | Posted in Campaign for an English Parliament, England, Equal opportunities, Human Rights, Politics, Scotland, Scottish Raj | Leave a comment

Oh comedy,where for art thou a captive audience of bubble heads ready to believe anything you say ?.

It would appear it's up north in them there hills tha knows veterinary,or as we call it int Midlands,it be SCOTLAND.

An amusing fantasy world was revealed to me by THIS ARTICLE,in the observer,indicating that the writer believes.

Scotland? It's the new Montenegro

in it the chap would appear surprised that papers from different Countries follow different main headlines,oooooh I wonder why !

With more than a vigourous whiff of condescending BO he says

"But, as the train leaves Berwick behind and the cross of St George starts to fly in back gardens, that agenda changes utterly. No DVT alarm, no fingerprint controversy, only a whiff of festival panic. We're in England now. Different country; different papers"

he continues with this little gem

"How do small voices makes themselves heard in a big, cruel world? (One question the IPI went to Edinburgh to discuss.) Maybe you can say that Scotland – with help from the BBC – has done a good job of finding a voice. Yet in other ways, it is becoming a new Montenegro about which the rest of the country knows little".

A big cruel World-he's tripping !!!!

Scotland is "THE VOICE" everything that happens,not just in Scotland but across the whole of the Raj heartlands is at the beck and call of Scots in ALL walks of life,to suggest that Scotland is somehow undervalued by not just England and Wales but the World quite frankly is poppycock!!

The question "How do small voices makes themselves heard in a big, cruel world? is a good question BUT the Scots have no right asking it!!,it is ENGLAND who need to find a voice,and make ourselves heard,thankyou very much,it is England who must fight everyday to pier over the wall,waiting for scraps of recognition to be tossed our way,waiting hand and foot playing servant to Scotland's lavish freebies all courtesy of English taxes,it is an obscenity to the ears of every tax payer in England that he thinks Scotland should have, more this,more that,ENGLAND HAS A VOICE,one drowned out by the cacophony of silence,denied even a crumb of recognition that England IS A COUNTRY,and WE have the right to OUR Nationality,which we currently do not have,thanks in no small part to Scots.

I think you will find that the FACTS point to another reality and that is that it is England who is the mysterious lost World,we are the ones living behind the vail of World wide anonymity.

Does the World care that England isn't independent,probably not!,does the World care that it is Bushes butt boy- Scotsman Blair that is keeping it that way,probably not-BUT THEY SHOULD.

To my overseas readers,a brain teaser for you.

Which Country do YOU think is more hard done by?

for example

Which one of either England or Scotland has it's own Parliament?



Which one of either England or Scotland runs it's own health service?


Which one of either England or Scotland runs it's own transport network?


Which one of either England or Scotland runs it's own education system?


which one of either England or Scotland can block UK legislation?


who can go direct to the EU for funding,England or Scotland?


Every breathe that the English take is monitored and controlled by the British,who for the most part are Scottish,WE the English are merely remote controlled playthings for Scottish MPs to order about.

So remind me again-WHO IS HARD DONE BY?

To the wider World, England is just a sports Team-nothing more !!.


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