UK Minister dares to do the unthinkable

June 6, 2006 at 5:11 pm | Posted in England, Football, Scotland, Scottish Raj, World Cup | 1 Comment

Tessa Jowell is not someone who I would do anything other than sneeze over under normal circumstances.

BUT according to Guardian unlimited politics

Tessa Jowell flew the cross of St George from her ministerial car today to show her support for England in the World Cup.

She also said

" it was important the government did not try to prescribe when and where national flags were flown".

Am I to take it Ms Jowell doesn't know UK Government policy,that under NO circumstances is the English National Flag to be flown in public, in England,by the English, unless someone who isn't English says it's Ok?

And is she aware of the constant denial by her UK Government bully Boy mates,that England is a Country,to them England is a group of regions,NOT A COUNTRY?

She went on to say

"It's an expression of pride, patriotism and passion that we feel about the England team, supporting them to bring the World Cup home to England"

Pride,passion,PATRIOTISM,Oh my God,do I dare to dream,she used a P word,not one not two but three,are my fantasies coming true,is there a little English girl skipping inside Ms Jowell?

The very fact that SHE as a UK Minister acknowledges England as a Country,and that the St George is England's National Flag is most unexpected,but welcome.
A UK Government Minister giving the green light for the English to be openly patriotic is a seismic shift in opinion,one I dare say would not be backed up by other Tony Cronies,but now Ms Jowell has openly endorsed Englishness can we see it being spoken of alongside Scottishness without a Judge being present?.

To me the funniest line in this article was about our Lord and Master Fuhrer Scotsman Blair.

"The prime minister's official spokesman said Tony Blair would not be following suit because of his "particular circumstances".

Particular circumstances,whatever do you mean?

Oh you mean because the Raj supremo is SCOTTISH NOT ENGLISH,oh so sorry why didn't you say so sooner!

Particular Circumstances my a**e

Tony B Liar is well known for his mastery of flipflop support for Scotland's Colonies.

Examples of which can be found HERE and HERE,oh how useful it must be to have the memory of a Goldfish.


If I didn't know this Women was a UK Minister,and as such cannot be trusted with anything,I would actually say she was being very brave in daring to put England's National Flag in the face of her Scottish and Welsh knuckle dragging ministerial classmates.



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