They say resistance is futile

June 7, 2006 at 8:49 pm | Posted in Human Rights, Islam, Muslims, personal opinion, Terrorism | Leave a comment

I try so very very hard to ignore the utter utter BOLLOCKS,that the terrorist so called religion of Islam puts out into the media on a regular basis,somehow trying to justify murder and destruction and intimidation throughout the Western World just so they don't have to come to terms with the fact that the West DOESN'T want to be Islamic !.

For an easily understandable comparison they are like the Borg,who just crush any resistance by force and assimilate you whether you like it or not.

We are the Islamic extremists resistance is futile!!

According to my Oxford Dictionary,the term RESIST is described as

1 withstand the action or effect of

2 try to prevent or fight against

3 refrain from

So pardon me if I choose to damn well resist,thanks all the same matey!

Islam is not a religion, but a license to terrorise

Muslims who cry and whine that the UK or US,Australia,Canada etc are resisting being brainwashed had better wake up to the fact that they are not in Kansas anymore!,and are more than welcome to leave to go back home where they are free to terrorise whoever they like.

So why put myself through this bloody annoying spate of anger ?

Quite simply I was made aware of this stinking pool of poison rhetoric,by the excellent website Jihad watch,this web site exposes what is basically a web based toilet for madmen and women to say the West will become Islamic or else,and to cry and stamp their feet that no one will let them play with their little bombs,BOO HOO!!

Talk about arrogant presumption,talk about cultural genocide via the mass use of fear and terror threats,Islam and the word Muslim/s are now just signature by words for intolerance and fear.

According to Wikipedia,Muslims were directly responsible for approximately 57% of terrorist fatalities and 61% of woundings in 2004 and early 2005,so much for peace and love,and getting on with your fellow human and all that.

I unfortunately have first hand experience of what Islam is face to face and up close,not in a dark alley somewhere but in broad daylight at work most worryingly HERE,but also HERE,where the full force of this apparent ease at which threats of violence are seen as quite normal and it is me who is nuts.

Personally if it was me, I would bring about an Escape from NewYork style scenario,where all the sickos could be booted out to sea to some rock to get on with it away from the rest of us.

I live in a very very multicultural area of England,but with all these groups in one place,almost without fail it is only Muslims who kick up a stink about anything!.

If living in the West is sooo bad and we are all infidels,why stay ?

If Muslims are so keen to make the West into their image,I am sure they won't mind if I go over there and point out,

"right Ladies and Gents,now I am here you are all going to have to do what I say, whether you like it or not,any problems ?

TOUGH,the new rule is bacon buttys all round,beer and porn for the masses,kinky shorts for the girls and a clean shave for the lads".

"We are going to make being a big girl legal,and let Women drive,hows that for starters"

"what that you say, NO,oh sorry mate,but it contravenes my Human Rights if you don't, so jump to it,you'll thank me later".


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