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According to Northwing and also thanks to the CEP, HERE,a seismic shift in public perception has taken root,with regards to the wider populous acceptance of England's National flag,with the pivotal momentum being that of sport in general,Football being the big boy catalyst,with the Ashes win and the Rugby World Cup win,fueling the identity solidification,with England's National flag at the centre,every step of the way.

I for one welcome this new found freedom and would like to see it extend beyond the brief couple of weeks every few years or so,to being slightly less in your face but visible 365 days a year to mirror places such as the US where flying the flag is almost every Americans duty and to not do so is seen as fundamentally unpatriotic.

If you choose to live in any Country you should be willing to accept the fact that you will at some point see a National flag somewhere down the line,to expect a whole Nation to hide indoors just to please YOU is bonkers.

Last Nights Question Time was one such example of how England and Englishness is becoming as natural as fresh air and sunshine,it is an accepted fact and enjoyed by millions who live in England whether by birth or otherwise.

To watch last night programme you can by clicking HERE

The main hero of this programme was the Culture Minister David Lammy a minister at the department of Culture, Media and Sport,granted I had never heard of him before, but who cares if he is a good lad.

I have watched the Question Time Show and the issue of England and flags comes up at approx 42 minutes in,at approx 45 minutes in Liam Fox(Scotsman) backs down from answering whether he may fly England's flag,instead blurting out some party line guff about how we should ALL be British,at approx 47 minutes in a sad lonely guy who must live in a cave somewhere a Sir Max Hastings made some flabbergasting tripe comments about how he thinks we should all fly the British flag,and how distasteful all this English,Welsh,Scottishness is,clearly he should be pitied and then laughed out of town,WHAT A T**T.

Right now though,today, we are in the whirlwind of the short lived fever that is Englishness,all the flags the bunting the footy merchandise,all of it will be gone in a frenzied flash the second England are knocked out,binned untill the next time,leaving England a patriotism free zone once again,Englishness at this point in time,at least as far as the media,retail and the UK Government is concerned,is a temporary thing,one they just have to ride out till,"England are out,they are out of the World Cup", to quote that famous line "they think it's all over it is now"

We know that once this happens the Welsh and Scots will do their worst,we know that,but at least we can say WE WERE THERE YOU WEREN'T.

We in England have 1966,why is it WE never seem to hear about the Scots and 1967 when they beat England 3-2 at Wembley to become unofficial World Champions ?

You can even buy this game on DVD from Amazon ,how good am I to you!,don't say I never give you anything.


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