Blair limbers up his crocodile smile

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I am not about to be popular,but I consider the prospect of a Scotsman who represents Britain,suddenly deciding to fly the flag of a Nation he cares nothing for to be utterly repugnant.

As seen HERE,and HERE,and I myself have already indicated my displeasure HERE,and HERE, Tony I'm Scottish Blair is reportedly to fly the English flag all of a sudden from No10 when the footie is on, is it just me or does this image belt out mixed messages like CO2 emissions.

So for all of you "I don't know what your on about" types I will elaborate

Tony Blair is the Prime Minister of Britain not of England,he is Prime Minister of Northern Ireland,Wales,England and Scotland,so to indicate by action or opinion in favour of one Country over another is an act of supreme misconduct,as he should be totally impartial and NOT A FLAG WAVER.

Another very very very important fact is that as I and everyone else has repeated ad nauseam before and will do again and again, Tony Blair is Scottish NOT English,and as such has no interest in even the spelling of England other than how he can jerk off the English voters with a quickie flag waving shandy,this I suddenly care deeply about ("where is it again") "England Prime Minister" "oh yes" is a pantomime act for the news media.

For a foreign Scot to be prepared to lower himself,lower than the lowest common denominator for a vote has crippled Blairs credibility irrevocably, as a Statesman of Britain for changing sides when convenient,as a Scot in Scotland for waving Englands flag not his own,and in England he is seen as nothing more than a Scottish sycophant blatantly dancing a popular tune for votes.

It is also very damaging for England because the World is full of idiots who think England means Britain(dumb jerks)but this stupid ill informed rubbish could be confused further when overseas people see a British PM who is Scottish playing with the concept of England!!.

Fortunately I am not alone in my utter disgust for such a spectacle of a Scot playing dress up as an Englishman till the footies over with.

I very much doubt if the flying of the St George flag on No. 10 is for genuine reasons. Blair is probably thinking about votes not goals, if he were to offend thousands of football fans.

Typical Blair! This is another of his "people's Princess" moments and has absolutely nothing to do with showing support for the England football team but is purely about him ingratiating himself with the public in an attempt to reverse adverse publicity and to restore even a little of the credibility and reputation he has so deservedly lost. How cringingly disgusting!

What a blatant piece of pandering

Exactly how would Blair have played it – had there been more than one country within the United Kingdowm in the final stages – or even meeting in the same match? Will Downing Street be putting out the appropriate home nation flag for every match in which we have a player?

Bliar isn't flying the Cross of St George for genuine reasons – he's Scottish, why would he? He doesn't even acknowledge the existence of the English nation so he certainly won't be supporting the English football team.

Quotes taken from the Telegraph

The recent sight in one of the papers of Blair receiving an England shirt with his name on is the last nail in his PM coffin,the English don't want him,his own people of Scotland don't want him,the Welsh couldn't give a s**t about him and the Irish don't give a monkeys either,so what is a washed up old ex PM to do quite soon,join the Foreign Legion perhaps?.


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