I was surrounded by my fellow (something or other)

June 15, 2006 at 5:39 pm | Posted in England, Football, World Cup | Leave a comment

The Metro free newspaper has a little item on this car flag frenzy that we are going through while England are still in the World Cup.


I have one or two aaaaarrrgghh moments here.

Firstly England is in the World Cup not Britain,so it is not a UK Team,that being the case we(ENGLAND) don't go to the Olympics as we don't have a team,therefore we cannot fly the flag for OUR BOYS as we aren't there.

Secondly a comment made,which I am sure was not ment to sound the way it does,makes me angry,and it is thus.

"I was surrounded by MY fellow BLACK PEOPLE"

What the hell is that,you can't seriously just come out with a line like that it is soooo racist,whilst I am sure it was said in all innocence it does show a glaring lack of understanding with regards being culturally aware and NOT saying things that may offend others.

If I,as a person of Western European appearance indicated something along the lines of, "I was surrounded by my fellow (fill space)people"

I would be hung out to dry "THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK" .


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