Honesty isn’t popular

June 16, 2006 at 5:48 pm | Posted in England, Football, personal opinion, World Cup | Leave a comment

So we "England" are again being put through the NOT AGAIN media circus with the inevitable loss coming up in the knockout stages.

With two totally crap performances against very average teams,England have well and truly painted a big loser sign on their team bus ready and waiting to drag their sorry butts home.

For an Englishman,the knowledge that your footy team is,let's say average is not usually a problem until it's frailties are paraded around to a World audience.

Some might say I am unpatriotic,which quite frankly is utter bollocks.

I am merely a realist,a man who knows not to care too much as to whether ones team wins or loses,years and years of seeing England make a habit of losing just grinds you down to the point you have to just stop caring,to not be peed off every match,so now,when we win GREAT,when we lose,oh well never mind,it isn't like England aren't good at doing that!!

I have been looking over youtube.com,and there are some nice England bits on there,the Euro 96 Footballs coming home,is for me a very good reflection of my attitude really,hopeful yet resigned to the fact that they will do something stupid to blow it!!


For my money,even for an old grumpy guts such as myself, it is without question the World Cup 90 World in motion song,which I did actually buy, and have the tape in the house somewhere,which is the best ever song,which even makes half hearted footy fans like me feel the force,I remember it well,as a young 20 something at the time the 1990 World Cup side was the best we have had since 66. 


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