Julia Botfield reports for BBC

June 19, 2006 at 8:13 pm | Posted in England, Football, Politics, World Cup | Leave a comment

With What could of been a news report plucked from any lazy news hacks pocket TODAY,was a news item from 4 years ago for World Cup 2002, still using the same old,same old routine, about,oh oh it must be a bad thing,the worlds gone crazy that English people for a couple of weeks every few years get a chance to express their identity.

You can watch this report HERE

This next little gem revolves around a Welsh Police Chief warning the English to be on their guard in Wales in case they get beaten up by Welsh Racists.


It goes without saying you can see this item HERE

Strictly speaking of course the Police officer was actually making inflammatory remarks about the English,but the way it came out it looks like he is warning us-GOOD MAN.

A quote which I come across regularly,most typically from pricks who have no idea what they are on about is THUS.

“But is this flag waving mania,football inspired fun,or does it have SINISTER NATIONALIST OVERTONES”


No I don’t know what this jerk off is talking about either,but you can decide for yourself HERE

Lets just look at that briefly, Sinister Nationalist Overtones,what does that mean exactly ?

If he is crying about patriotism, then I suggest that the entire World is full of people with Sinister Nationalist Overtones,try America for one !!,the English deal with cultural imprisonment in their own Country like someone denied chocolate or something,when we finally get a chance to be English in the open, without fear of arrest, we rush out from our cultural prisons and go a bit overboard, to cram as much in as possible before the bolt slams shut on the freedom to be English holiday,the sports over, back to English anonymous for you.


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