On the subject of anthems

June 19, 2006 at 6:00 pm | Posted in England, Equal opportunities, Football, Human Rights, Politics | Leave a comment

After my gnashing of teeth thinking about John Reid super jerk,I decided to expand your horizons ever so slightly,all you, not from England,caring sharing equal oportunities types.

Yes we in England have no National Anthem (gasp,shock horror,it can’t be true!) yes I’m afraid it is, and the English FA agree with me too.

I am not alone in my desire for my own Country to have an Anthem 

“Why does the English football team use the British national anthem in internationals. Surely they’d be better off using a song that corresponds to England only. Why not Jerusalem? It’s a cracking tune and much more English than that dreadful dirge that is God Save the Queen”.

“I loathe GSTQ as well, not least because it’s not about my country but about a sovereign. So it depends what you want your anthem to be about. Jerusalem sounds fabulous when sung by 40,000 voices at once”,

Jerusalem is the song I would pick and is broadly considered to be the peoples unofficial English Anthem,this opinion poll agrees with me too. 

For all of you with questions or you just can’t quite get your head around it,you must visit the Anthem for England website for full info


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