The Saltaire they have to bear

June 19, 2006 at 10:00 pm | Posted in England, Racism, Scotland | Leave a comment

You have these bad ideas about people,mostly you just assume that it's an over reaction,but according to The England Project,perhaps those stereotype ideas are nearer the mark than first thought.

Reported in the Scotsman,a Scottish reporter went out in an England shirt to test just how racist his fellow Scots were,and the results NOT GOOD,I certainly wouldn't want to be caught out late at night in Scotland,I wouldn't get out alive.

This angry attitude is in stark contrast the moment you cross the border in to multicultural England,in England it is an everyday event to see people wearing clothing from many places,whether the footie is on or not,coming across someone wearing Scotland,Wales,or Ireland gear is commonplace,and in the Midlands Indian and Pakistan cricket tops are everywhere,yet they produce not one flutter of antagonism,Brazil,Argentina,Italy tops are very common near me just now,whilst I wouldn't wear one myself,we (the English population)Would never dream of behaving in a manor shown by our northern cousins.

If the rather unhelpful boney finger of racism is to be stretched out I recommend it takes a trip to Scotland where it would appear there is work to be done.


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