Barnett formula gravy train gets a telling off

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The Barnett Formula,or as we say in England,lawfull tax theft.

"If you tickle us do we not laugh,if you prick us do we not bleed,if you wrong us do we not revenge",or at least that's what Star Trek says.

But unlike the movies in real life, England is The Undiscovered Country,
If no one in power can grasp the concept of England do WE still exist ?

One spiffing way to keep the punters down is to rob Peter to pay Paul,and that is exactly what the UK Government have been doing to us English for 30 plus years via the ever so fair tax rape known as The Barnett Formula.

In todays Daily Mail,The Labour peer who invented the system by which billions of pounds of English taxpayers' money is diverted to Scotland said the system should be scrapped because it is unfair.

Under the Barnett formula, drawn up in the 1970s, Scotland currently gets £1,500 more cash to spend on public services for each member of the population than England.

Official figures this year put public spending per head in England at £6,762. But in Scotland it was £8,265 per head, a difference of £1,503.

But this issue has been brought up numerous times before such as HERE

From 2 years ago
Lord Barnett has had enough, and is demanding that his name be removed from what he says is an "embarrassing" Treasury formula that puts an extra £1,000 per head on Scotland’s spending power when it comes to public services.

And the former cabinet minister says he is now ready to take on Westminster’s "Scottish Mafia" and fight for the end to a legacy that has blighted his life for 25 years.

"It is a great embarrassment to have my name attached to so unfair a system," he said.

Read Wikipedias view of The Barnett Formula

Basically the formula is a big fat money grab exercise by the UK for it's Homeland(Scotland)mercilessly raping and pillaging English taxes to pay for the sky to be a very special kind of blue all financed by England.

If you wish to read all you can on this Tax England to death policy,you can do so by going HERE,plus if you don't believe me the UK Gov have a pdf on the concept of Barnett HERE


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