The moral high ground

June 29, 2006 at 2:39 pm | Posted in England, Human Rights, Scotland, Sport, Tennis | Leave a comment

STOP just STOP right now with this wa wa wa,you silly little burk.

Andy Murray is young and stupid,having grown up in a Country who spend all their time disliking England as a hobby, of course he will be supporting everyone but England,that’s a Scots job description,we in England are by no means forced to support Scotland or Wales ourselves,so to bang on about how he should be forced to support England is plainly blinkered and false.

I believe his issue right now is that as an athlete who represents Great Britainnot Scotland at tennis,his personal opinion should of been kept quiet,he is perfectly entitled to have whatever opinion he likes as long as he keeps it under his hat,to publicly air his (what ever you want to call it)opinion on this problematic subject has just been an example of poor management and personal judgement on his part.


WE in England must not give up the moral ground, according to my Oxford Dictionary,the definition of MORAL is

1 concerned with the principles of right or wrong behaviour.

2 following accepted standards of behaviour.

Moral,Morals,Morality,you cannot abuse someones right to an opinion just because you don’t agree in THIS WAY,to do so you undermine the high ground England had,and make Andy Murray a martyr for the dick heads who will exploit extreamists on both sides.

WE IN ENGLAND,should show we are better than this and stop this bear baiting exercise,those who put vile unhelpful comments on the kids website do everyone in England a disservice,England is a bigger and better place now,and we should show that by,just forgetting about him,WHO CARES WHAT THE LAD THINKS!!,are we saying that this abusive onslaught is valid,or either a reflection of the principles of right or wrong behaviour ?,and is it following accepted standards of behaviour ?


So he’s Scottish,so he is a bit naive,so he’s got crap management,do not damage England’s reputation over a kid,he isn’t worth it.


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