England fights to even say it’s own name-yet…

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Now Wales are going to get the chance to put their spoon into the gruel,without saying please too.

A story I covered a few days ago,has got the green light.

According to Ic Wales,

Wales have one foot in the cement of a possible Welsh Parliament,due to new laws and powers having just been granted to them.

The Act, passed last week, gives the Assembly the power to draw up its own laws for the first time – provided Westminster agrees first.

A Scottish-style Parliament could be created after a referendum, which will happen if two-thirds of AMs and a majority of MPs want one.

Tory Shadow Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan said

“It is clear the Assembly is now an established feature on the Welsh political landscape.

“Devolution has helped carve out an even more distinct national identity for Wales in the last seven years”.

She also correctly pointed out that

“Within England, there are also growing calls for the country to get its own Parliament – short of full independence”.

This NEW,bigger stronger,faster,version of Wales,within the bigger picture is a big step towards what,to my mind, IS THE way to go, and that is a Federal State,like the US,Canada,Australia,etc.

What is needed now however is the equalisation of power,the levelling of the playing field,as they say,so that not only can Scotland,Wales,and N Ireland decide for themselves,but the ENGLISH TOO,as we are currently left shackled to a chain gang,devoid of any kind of constitutional rights,fighting for any scraps of inclusion from the Fat Controllers upon high in UK Parliament plc.

Unlike the three Regions,the Nation of England,has no power,no Parliament,no public face to say NO to the UK chain gang,perhaps if I pretend to be Scottish I might get somewhere?….hhhmmmm.

“AN ENGLISH PARLIAMENT NOW PLEASE”,fairs,fair and all that jazz!!


To poop or not to poop,that is the question?

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No I am not making this up….according to The Brussels Journal,a Manchester Housing Assoc,is building Houses exclusively for Muslim use!!!!!,because-

“as one of the residents says, “We’re all Muslims here so yes, it is important [to live exclusively among Muslims]. For myself I’m not really too bothered but to a lot of the Muslim people, yes it is important to them and yes it is a very good idea.”

Even the BBC go all Muslim cheerleader on us.

Are they serious,I’d like to see how an exclusively NON Muslim building project got on.

Whatever next,exclusive,White Christian here,Afro Caribbean Christians there,Mormons here,this kind of ridiculous pandering to foreigners is not the answer,it is a symptom of the problem,they should be integrating with US, not getting their butts kissed for special treatment,who the hell cares which way round the loo is,they should just be damn glad there is one for crying out loud.

The English Red Ensign

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In 1627 the English Fleet (as it was then) was divided into three squadrons, the Red, Blue and White, in that order or seniority, and each had an English ensign in the appropriate colour with St George’s Cross in the top corner.


By 1653 the order of seniority had been changed to Red, White and Blue.

In 1674, a Royal Proclamation of Charles II confirmed that the Red Ensign was the appropriate flag to be worn by English merchant ships. The wording of the 1674 proclamation indicates that the flag was customarily being used by English merchantmen before that date. At this time, the ensign displayed the English Cross of St George in the canton.

In 1702 a large red cross was placed on the White Ensign to differentiate it from the French ensign, which at the time was plain white.

In 1707, an Act of Union united Scotland, England and Wales in the Kingdom of Great Britain, which resulted in a new red ensign.

Nice to know England did have her own armed forces-ONCE upon a time.

NICE say’s f**k you to English patients

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We in England, everyday find a new shiny nail has been well and truly hammered into our collective coffin, by a UK Government so intent on eradicating the English,it just doesn’t bother even hiding it anymore.

The latest method of slow but sure genocide has been shown to me by the CEP,


CANCER sufferers told of their anguish yesterday as a lifesaving drug was banned in England, despite being available everywhere else in the UK.

Bone cancer victims in England will not be given a life-prolonging drug – although it is available to patients in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The drug, Velcade, which can put the cancer into remission and dramatically improve life expectancy, is also available in every other developed country in the world.

But yesterday the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence refused to approve Velcade for use in England on the NHS, saying it is not ‘cost-effective’.

God help anyone who is English using the NHS!!

But guess who is footing the bill for Everyone else via Taxes….yes the English,we pay our taxes,so Scotland,Wales,and NI can have caviar and champagne on the NHS,whilst we have the proud prospect of just dying.

This is irrefutable evidence that the UK Government,or Scottish Government South as it likes to be called,puts a very different price on life everywhere but England.

Discrimination comes in many forms,and the UK Government are Gold medal winners at the smoke and mirrors ploy.

The NICE Nazi’s should be made to visit every family in person,of all the people who they have just condemned to death,and explain why THEY will cause a family member to die needlessly simply because they were English.

Oh-My-God,Keeley in page3 video

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Oh my God,oh my God,oh my God,she likes her Daddy.

Keeley has done a quick 3 minute video stint on Page3.com.

One condition of watching is BOTH HANDS, MUST,be on the desktop for the FULL duration of this little Keeley slobber fest.

England’s old flag is a big hit

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I would like to thank all those nice people who have visited my blog in increasing numbers recently,especially those of you who have searched for the old English two-legged wyvern flag


My blog gets loads of hits for my two items HERE and HERE

My current all time hits record was just broken,the new total to beat is 281 hits in a single day,my previous record was 234,and before that 221,so Thankyou,I hope you keep on reading,and a little interaction from sane people would be interesting.

Well,thats just B*marvellous

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According to The Herald,

The largest potential transfer of power from Westminster to the Welsh Assembly was approved last night after peers backed the move.
Rhodri Morgan, Wales’s First Minister, and Peter Hain, the Welsh Secretary, hailed the move as a “new dawn” for devolution in the principality.

Isn’t that just F-ing B* marvellous,England is busy waving it’s arms for just a crumb of recognition from the Raj,and getting S**t for our trouble,yet Wales has come along and,”suck,suck,nudge nudge, wink wink,say no more”got MORE POWERS.

“WHAT ABOUT ENGLAND”,you “bleep bleep,triple X,Expletive,deleted”

When is England going to get, The largest transfer of power from Westminster to the English Parliament was approved last night after peers backed the move.

Englandthelerf,England’s First Minister, and the English Secretary, hailed the move as a “new dawn” for devolution in England.


Sean Connery is No1 what!!

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Isn’t that a double negative or something,Sean Connery the Scotsman who was the ultimate British Hero as James “suck suck” Bond,the guy who now jumps up and down pouring S**t on Britain,whilst,sucking the c**k of every Scottish nationalist going,has been voted the best British Hero by a theme park “WHY?”

Sir Sean Connery has topped a list of British heroes. The Scottish actor – who is best known for playing secret agent James Bond – beat off stiff competition from athletes and TV stars in the poll conducted by UK theme park, Thorpe Park.

One would of thought he would be voted whiniest person who appeared in movies being Mr Britain who wished he hadn’t.

But then again let’s be honest about it…..if someone has to win something regarding Britain,what better person to win it but,yes,A Scotsman,they are after all the MOST British of us all,God bless Scotland and all the Brits who sail in her.

The “English” penny seems to be dropping

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I went to Cromford in Derbyshire today to have a look around as one does,and to my surprise,I was greeted by TWO unexpected sights,one of which was VERY VERY!! surprising indeed.

I came upon this meat delivery lorry parked up,and was amazed to read what it had emblazoned on it.



Still can’t seem to buy it in the shops though!!!!!

The next very encouraging sign that WE ENGLISH,are finally getting the message(at last)was the Cromford Community centre,which still has the English flag up,even though no sport is on GOOD JOB.

So this is a good sign?

The penny is finally dropping,that we English do indeed live on a rock called England,one Country not some collection of nobody regions.

That said,Leicestershire is still a no flag zone,at least here it is,since the footie was off,the flags have all gone,we here have all renewed our English persons anonymous subscription,but time will tell, and hopefully, the Cromford effect will speed things along.

Strength of the Bear!!!!!!

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Eyes of the Hawk,ears of the Wolf,-speeeeed of the Puma…..BLONDE STAR

This has got to be made up,it has to be?

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