Alton Towers makes it’s bed with muslims

July 12, 2006 at 9:16 pm | Posted in England, Human Rights, Muslims | 1 Comment

Today at work, I came across a story in both the Daily Mail and Daily Star that made my stomach turn and my blood boil, with a genuine ANGER burning underneath.

The story in question, that of the planned Muslim only day on September 17th at Alton Towers, which is a Muslim only event ment to foster THEIR integration into OUR society ?

How can blatant segregation and discrimination against the wider public be a sign of wanting to fit in ?,it is blatantly the opposite.

Up to 28,000 are expected at Alton Towers on September 17 when there will be no music, booze or gambling.

Instead there will be prayer areas, Muslim stalls and all food served will be HALAL.

Non-Muslims phoning the Staffordshire park have been refused tickets.

TALK ABOUT FAVOURITISM, could Alton Towers lips press any tighter to their butts.

I’m not Muslim. Can you imagine all the fuss if there was a Christians-only day?”

A fascinating quote from Islamic Leisure

A spokesperson for Islamic Leisure, Abid Hussan, said the day was open to all faiths, although Islamic laws would apply. “There will be no smoking, no alcohol and halal food only.

We’re trying to integrate Muslims into the wider community.

But it isn’t open to ALL faiths is it, if you expect Christians or Jews or whomever to seriously give a damn about your stupid laws, you’re deluded, this is not Saudi Arabia or somewhere, this is England, a once Christian Nation, whilst not really anymore, we will not tolerate this notion that WE the West should do anything other than tell you to hop it, or shut up and integrate .

Your out of your mind if you think forcing Muslim laws on western people is integrating-GROW UP.

I would like to see an event that was Western people only, where it was mandatory to wear as little as possible, smoke, drink, puke, have sex, the whole nine yards, then say “oh by the way Muslims are welcome too if they want”

Yeah like any would turn up, you cannot sell to the West the idea that you are trying to integrate by promoting exactly the opposite!!

If I took my Girlfriend to Alton Towers on that day, I would tell anyone having a drama that they are going to have to deal with it, and remember that they aren’t in Kansas no more, just look away or go cry to someone who cares.

Muslims who talk integration, but preach domination by stealth are a genuine danger, and they have my utter utter contempt, the UK Government should force these individuals to smell what their shovelling.

I snooped around and found oh so not integrating comments on various forums etc.

– our money is going to a kufr enterprise

lets hope they add a few more activities like archery and some horseriding, oh and shoot the american GI games.

Shoot the GI games ? oh my God!!!, not really a mad shoe bomber then!!

Because apart from setting aside a day in September for Muslims who don?t wish to mix with the filthy Kufr hordes.

The filthy KUFR HORDES-what a stunning example of integration,Tony Blair must be so proud to be called a filthy Kufr,that integration policy is REALLY working mate!!.

A quote in support of the West was found elsewhere

I feel very uncomfortable about this, its similar to the Gay Days at Disney.
A group of people with one specific issue,in this case the Islamic religion, are excluding all others. It’s different from a company hiring the Park for all its employees who will be an inclusive group all religions, genders, races and so on.

Where does this kind of thing stop, can we have a Whites only day, a Christians Day?

it starts with something that appears fun and innocent, but there is nothing innocent about this, these people are clever and are using our own system against us. The Islamic Fun Day is really a message to Britain that declares: ‘we don’t want you infidels mixing with us spoiling our lives and beliefs, just watch us infiltrate every aspect of your culture until it is eliminated’.

Something needs to be done to wake people up. Its only a year since Muslims bombed London and they’ve dozed off again.

VERY true and painfully evident that England is sinking under the weight of pro sharia propaganda, whilst outlawing our own culture.

This Muslim only farce is a big step backwards for Muslims, we the West, are daily frustrated by their incessant whining and moaning about how the West is so terrible, then they go out of their way NOT to integrate, and wonder why it’s a problem, then they blow shit up and push it in your face and say it’s gonna get worse, HOW IS THAT INTEGRATION.

I expect Alton Towers, in the name of equal opportunities to have a Christians or Jews or whatever etc etc only day in due course to have a level playing field.

I could never ever go to Alton Towers again after this stunt,and I would make a personal suggestion that we in England think twice, and choose an alternate venue in future as there are other places to go.


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  1. Yes, totally agree. It’s high time this nonsense was stopped and booted into touch. We must outnumber them by at least 30/1 and yet they seem to be the one’s calling the shots.

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