Mad dogs and Scotsmen

August 1, 2006 at 5:48 pm | Posted in America, BBC, England, Politics, Scotland | Leave a comment

The BBC are not exactly known for their recognition of certain facts,and unfortunately,this morning was no exception!!.

The Beeb was talking to some US woman regarding Tony Blair and his visit to California to meet Arnie.

The cause for my alarm bells going off was a questiondo you think Tony Blair would fit in with the California lifestyle”….and the woman in her infinite wisdom(LOL) remarked “of course,mad dogs and Englishmen!!!,that’s why so many of them come to LA,they can’t get enough of it”.

Hold on there buckeroo,mad dogs and WHO exactly?,last time I looked,Mc Tony of Blair was a stone cold SCOT not English,yet again,the English viewer is exposed to an ignoramus,who confuses the Raj and England….(groan)….oh good grief,would somebody please go over there and Educate them PLEASE.

Yet the Beeb presenter didn’t correct her either(Prat).

You’d think Scottish,Welsh,and Irish people went around the World putting up post it notes saying England woz ere,not us,blame them”.


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