Mel Gibson’s big mouth flushes his career

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English hater Mel Gibson has pooped his career away big time with a well chosen set of words.

Read what they are saying

Lets all just be grateful that the Religion in question doesn’t go around blowing shit up for the slightest thing(phew),thank God he didn’t use the “M” word.


Mad dogs and Scotsmen

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The BBC are not exactly known for their recognition of certain facts,and unfortunately,this morning was no exception!!.

The Beeb was talking to some US woman regarding Tony Blair and his visit to California to meet Arnie.

The cause for my alarm bells going off was a questiondo you think Tony Blair would fit in with the California lifestyle”….and the woman in her infinite wisdom(LOL) remarked “of course,mad dogs and Englishmen!!!,that’s why so many of them come to LA,they can’t get enough of it”.

Hold on there buckeroo,mad dogs and WHO exactly?,last time I looked,Mc Tony of Blair was a stone cold SCOT not English,yet again,the English viewer is exposed to an ignoramus,who confuses the Raj and England….(groan)….oh good grief,would somebody please go over there and Educate them PLEASE.

Yet the Beeb presenter didn’t correct her either(Prat).

You’d think Scottish,Welsh,and Irish people went around the World putting up post it notes saying England woz ere,not us,blame them”.

Resistance IS NOT futile

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There are some Countries out there who have strong enough social laws to be able to kick out the crazys,America being one obvious example,a story I found HERE,about Manhatten,NewYork was very interesting.

Whilst the language was a bit strong the message was clear,that America will not allow madmen to roam around free endangering Americans willy nilly, as we have here in England and elsewhere.

A quote backing up this opinion appeared on a forum elsewhere.

Since 9/11 Muslims with “questionable” immigration status in the USA were forced to leave or face detention and interrogation, possibly for months.

Thousands voluntarily left. In fact, so many have left special flights had to be arranged every day!

I have a feeling a lot of them moved to a country were the controls are minimal, the government is pathetically weak and disorganised and where there is the potential to screw the system for everything you can get.

Hmmm.. Where could that be?
(forum quote)

I think we all know to our cost where that is!!!!

The West hating Borg,“oh sorry” Muslim scurge have a saying and it goes something like THIS

The Muslims say resistance is futile “yeah right dream on” fortunately we know someone who has other ideas GO GET UM TIGER.

The Crusades were a Frankie goes to Hollywood style clash of old, the Good and the bad,the Good, heroic Christians fighting to stop the islamic tornado,the bad-power crazed islamic zealots out to kill or convert,we are now at the tipping point where the line must now be drawn.

Non of the above actually,SORRY!

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You know the sort of thing!,daft websites with silly tests and info about anything and everything.

Well roll up,who today did themselves no favours by getting US History WRONG.

Oh how could this happen!!!

I know,I know,it’s hard to believe,BUT TRUE,and their downfall ?-The American Revolution.

They said “Could You Pass the US Citizenship Test?”

One vital question asked is “which Country did the US fight during the Revolutionary war?”

The answer is of course BRITAIN but unfortunately must of skipped that class as they bizarrely say ENGLAND- WHY ? I have no idea ?

And heres the proof

If you were to give the answer THEY say,you would fail the test.

Britain does not mean England OK!!!!!!!

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