ASDA get non qualified teams into World Cup

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World Cup tat-you either love it or hate it,but for a few short weeks people all across England can actually get away with being English in their own Country and not be arrested by the Scottish Raj for their trouble.

The overload of England stuff is an amusing sight for those of us who fight to keep it's image alive 365 days a year,and not just for sporting events.

Hypocrisy and money do go hand in hand though and examples of this abound right now,I have already posted with regards to ASDAS World Cup schizophrenia HERE,but on reading WENAPs comments about the axis of evil ie-TESCO AND SAINSBURYS,I decided to revisit my previous post to make my point,as the kids say "yo yo big up" my point with pictorial proof of the strange and often mysterious world of the marketing persons.

ASDA,like many retailers are selling World Cup clothing,but only in their English stores ,incase their Scottish employees all end up in counseling,due to them crying all the time about Scotland not being in the World Cup.

The ASDA footy clothing range can be found HERE,but within it's pages,like Bananaman,"an amazing transformation occurs",but unlike Eric becoming Bananaman,ASDA have somehow got Scotland,Wales and Republic of Ireland,in to the World Cup by the back door.


Excellent question, and the answer is- CLOTHING

ASDA stock Scotland,Wales and Republic of Ireland World Cup clothing-WHY ?

Who can say as they didn't qualify,but it's there, and I can show you now.

whats wrong with this picture.jpg

and if that wasn't enough you get a second go below.

and again jpg.jpg
Isn't the need to be as greedy as possible a wonderful excuse to ignore the facts and just grab grab grab with clothing for Countries who didn't make it ?.


It ASDA make financial sense

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Yes ok I can see the logical reason for THIS,but as usual,I have another twist to chew on with regards the World Cup and ASDA and it is this.

ASDA in their ENGLISH stores,obviously stock World Cup related clothing,so no biggy there,until you look again !

in England they stock World Cup themed clothing for Scotland and Wales and Republic of Ireland,the point being none of these are in the World Cup,only England,so what is that about ?.


The other point is that Scottish stores are being spared having the beastly England stuff in their stores,yet another example of Scotland having to have someone hold their hand and say “there there mummy kiss it better,we won’t mention the beastly English again”

How come in England we are all inclusive giving ALL OF SOCIETY a place to celebrate football,yet in Scotland NO NO NO don’t mention the World Cup,to me that smacks of a Scottish society afraid of it’s own racism.

If WE in England hinted at a we don’t won’t you culture we would be in s**t street,not so in Scotland it would seem,God I love the smell of a double standard,just put it between two slices of bread for me,GRAND.

My Man on the Inside

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According to my source at Asda,his store have received the Eblex st Georges day POS for the week leading up to the 23rd,but as the World is well aware Asda do not sell English meat so the second this POS goes up they will break trading standards laws for advertising a product they don't sell!!.

I went over and spoke to the Meat Manager on spec to point this out and was told "who cares it means the same thing", this from a Dept Manager ?

Eblex on their own website do well with recipes

Carving advice

But the intrenched denial by the wider public that English anything exists outside of sport is a frustration I feel most deeply on a regular basis.

Having dug around for reference on the net,I came upon a few interesting bits of info

According to Eblex in their Q&A

Q Where does meat carrying the Quality Standard Mark come from?

Meat from an animal born, raised and slaughtered in England is eligible to carry the Quality Standard beef or Quality Standard lamb Mark indicating English origin with the St George’s Flag.


If an animal cannot meet all the criteria, for example it is born in Scotland or Wales, it can carry the Quality Standard Mark but indicate British origin with the Union flag.

On the regulations in respect to food labels

According to Meat Matters

The regulations also cover additional information given voluntarily on beef labels. This must be approved in advance by the authorities and its accuracy verified by an independent approved organisation. In the UK, separate beef labelling authorities operate in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Pre-approval is needed for statements such as ‘farm assured’, ‘grass-fed’, terms such as ‘halal’ or ‘kosher’ or any reference to origin relating to an area smaller than a country. For example, a label using the words ‘English beef’ requires pre-approval, whereas ‘British beef’ does not. Product labelled ‘British beef’ must come from animals born, reared and slaughtered entirely within the UK and is therefore permitted by the compulsory country of origin information rules.

I don't know about you but I had no idea England was an area smaller than a Country,I think they need to go back to school and study a bit more.

Meat Matters do at least include the English Quality label on their info.

Do you know what to look for on the Quality mark ?

Click the two picture links to see the Quality Marks you need.

quality mark beef.gif

quality mark lamb.gif

See Beefy and Lamby holding the Quality Marks.

beefy and lamby.jpg

I am going to wait and see with regards to Asda and whether they do indeed produce the goods,but the feeling I have is they will not and will try and jerk us off with meat from Britain and hope no one gives a damn that they don't either.

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