Doctor Who,what,where,why,and I don’t think so!

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Just browsing News Now,and I found a ripe little Doo doo,courtesy of
It would appear that either their research people are being paid WAY TO MUCH for rubbish work,or someone just doesn’t give a s**t about facts.

Now I know I watch Dr Who for Billie Piper because she’s such a dirty girl,but I do take the time to recognise that the current Dr Who is SCOTTISH,not that you’d think that was a revelation,but you’d be wrong,because Contactmusic report that David Tennant is (ENGLISH!

“DOCTOR WHO star DAVID TENNANT has been banned from attending fan conventions by the BBC, because TV bosses fear the star may blurt out upcoming storylines to eager fans. The English actor is under contract to stay away from the sci-fi events“.

You can bet money HE doesn’t know that.

Yet and even more amusing,is the profile they have on him that points out that he is Scottish!,

David Tennant

DOB: 18 April 1971 – Paisley, Scotland, UK

wake up Contactmusic,do you even read your own website?.


No ones fat in Scotland or Wales then?

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According to the BBC,the UK Government is sticking it’s nose into only England’s health!,(like we need a load more Scottish people telling us about issues in ENGLAND that don’t concern them!)

Anyway,they report that England will have 13 million overweight persons by 2010,the UK Government are quoted as saying.

“We are intervening and helping to make a difference, but we want today’s figures to act as a stark reminder of the problem we and our children will face if we don’t act now and start making healthier lifestyle choices.”

Hold on a minute buckaroo,we and our children?

So let me get this straight,a bunch of foreigners from Scotland,Wales,Ireland and elsewhere,who are supposed to run the UK,ie Scotland,Wales,England and NI want to pester only English kids?

how does that make only English kids OUR CHILDREN,

Is there not a stark reminder of a problem for plump kiddies in Scotland?…..NO,well how about Wales then,how are rounder children going to cope in Wales without UK Gov interference?

Why is the UK Government making rules up for us, but appear blind to what should be their responsibility to ALL children in the UK!!

Given practically all UK Gov Ministers are Scottish, you have to wonder why it’s any of their damn business ordering ONLY ENGLISH KIDS AROUND.

To add salt to this open case of dictatorship to only them damn English scum,the UK Gov have appointed a Fitness Minister...but only for England(what a big fat shock I’m overcome)

Public Health minister Caroline Flint has been given the task of getting people to boost their activity levels.

She wants people to build physical activity into their daily routines to create a healthier nation in the run-up to the 2012 Olympics.

A healthier Nation,who exactly is she talking about,is it England? it can’t be!, according to the UK Gov,England isn’t a Country but a collection of regions….hhmm.

And what about the Olympics?,England doesn’t go to the Olympics,we don’t have a team,so how can making England healthier help for a Country without an Olympic Team?,you would of thought that as virtually everyone in the UK Gov is Scottish they would care a little more about their own Countries health,but apparently not!

So what team is this exactly,I can only assume it’s one with fat unfit people from Scotland,with a few plump Welsh persons to make up the numbers.

Ms Flint will be working across all government departments to develop a new fitness strategy for England.

What a nice job, a UK Gov flunky,who by definition should be looking after the health of all UK persons,only needs to swan around England,well isn’t my tax money going to good use!.

He we have another crystal clear example of Colonial law working in the 21st Century,the Scots ,who run Britain,are quite happy for Scotland and Wales,plus NI to decide for themselves how sturdier people are to be helped,but like nothing more than to pretend that their policy is somehow aimed at ALL the UK but is in actual fact aimed squarely at US, the English,yet of course,NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING!.

So for the record,how many overweight persons are there going to be in Scotland or Wales by 2010 then?

do they know?

do they care?

And why does no one give out the figures?

How can there be a British Government,when they seem either unwilling or unable to actually govern Britain?,they exist yet have no function!.

Mad dogs and Scotsmen

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The BBC are not exactly known for their recognition of certain facts,and unfortunately,this morning was no exception!!.

The Beeb was talking to some US woman regarding Tony Blair and his visit to California to meet Arnie.

The cause for my alarm bells going off was a questiondo you think Tony Blair would fit in with the California lifestyle”….and the woman in her infinite wisdom(LOL) remarked “of course,mad dogs and Englishmen!!!,that’s why so many of them come to LA,they can’t get enough of it”.

Hold on there buckeroo,mad dogs and WHO exactly?,last time I looked,Mc Tony of Blair was a stone cold SCOT not English,yet again,the English viewer is exposed to an ignoramus,who confuses the Raj and England….(groan)….oh good grief,would somebody please go over there and Educate them PLEASE.

Yet the Beeb presenter didn’t correct her either(Prat).

You’d think Scottish,Welsh,and Irish people went around the World putting up post it notes saying England woz ere,not us,blame them”.

Media support UK Governments big fat lie!!

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Today the media are all backing up the UK Governments new thing that BRITAIN,and of course my dear Boys and Girls,the more with it amongst you will know the UK aka BRITAIN comprises Scotland,N Ireland,Wales,and even England.

So anyway the UK Governments NEW THING is the prospect of a UK Border Patrol Force.


Sky News say

Britain’s ports and airports are to be patrolled by uniformed border-control officers in the latest move to tackle the UK’s illegal immigrants.

The BBC say

A uniformed border-control force is to be introduced at ports and airports for the first time in the UK

So why is there a problem?

The proposal for the Border Patrol comes from the UK Government Home Office,problem being,that this office does not deal with UK issues,only those of England and Wales NOT BRITAIN,so there will be no UK Border Patrol Force,only one in England and Wales.

Furthermore to the open absurdity of this policy which pulls the wool over the eyes of the average voter,it does so with the skill of a card sharp,misdirecting the eye elsewhere.

Stabbing the knife of dictatorship ever deeper in to England,is the fact that the UK’s Home Office is run by our favourite foreigner aka SCOTTISH attack dog John Reid,this man is in charge of an office for Countries he is neither born in or resident of,he is unelected and unaccountable to the people of England or Wales,yet he makes rules for us, talks at length in the UK Parliament about them,YET his own Country of Scotland and all his constituentsback home are not affected in any way whatsoever,by any word he says.

The omnipotent Mr Reid can say or do ANYTHING HE LIKES,and we can do nothing about it,if he came to work dressed as a Chicken,smoking pot and walking arm in arm with a call girl,we in England couldn’t get rid of him because HE’S SCOTTISH,and therefore UNTOUCHABLE!!!.

When John Reid goes back home to Scotland he has NO POWER,there will be no border patrol,no guards no nothing,he can go to sleep at night knowing that however much he S**ts on England,or Wales he never has to smell it, or clear it up back home in good old Scotland. 

Doesn’t Scotland or Wales get weather then?

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According to those wordmeisters at the BBC- ONLY ENGLAND is hot today?

Does that mean this heatwave skillfully stopped dead at the borders or WHAT?

Does Scotland or Wales not get weather?,it would appear not,whilst England has been melting,one can only assume they are in their thermals,shovelling coal on to the fire,the room lit by a single candle,dickens style.

YET in contrast,according to the BBC video it is BRITAIN baking in the sunshine,SO WHICH IS IT,if only England is hot,then it has nothing to do with Britain!,if all of Britain is hot then it is NOT JUST ENGLAND.

Wordmeisters do you know where you are?

how can a heatwave stop dead at the Welsh and Scottish border? 

I almost agree-almost

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I am well aware that there are many pretty decent people in Scotland as in Wales,unfortunately they,like any Country, just have a habit of saying the wrong thing when it would of been better to leave out that little "ahum cough"INACCURACY.

My case in point today comes from what would of been an article that was essentially factual,but then ruins it all by getting it wrong.

The chap in question does raise some good points such as

we are getting sick of the incessant reminders that Sven's boys will do the "whole nation" proud and bring the trophy home.

It may come as some surprise to the BBC that not all of the inhabitants of this island we inhabit are English.

He is spot on and I agree totally,the inability of the media,not just the BEEB to grasp that a great many success stories are nothing to do with Britain gets right up my nose too,it's either talking about Britain but meaning just England or talking about England and trying in vain to somehow make it Britain !!.

BUT THEN the house of cards comes crashing down as he ruins it by saying something stupid.

calling us English overlords,what a shame all that good work spoiled in a rash childish outburst which as we all know is backwards as it is the Scots who are Englands overlords,and that isn't opinion that's FACT.

almost but not quite

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