To poop or not to poop,that is the question?

July 30, 2006 at 6:28 pm | Posted in butt kissing, England, Equal opportunities, Muslims, Political Correctness | Leave a comment

No I am not making this up….according to The Brussels Journal,a Manchester Housing Assoc,is building Houses exclusively for Muslim use!!!!!,because-

“as one of the residents says, “We’re all Muslims here so yes, it is important [to live exclusively among Muslims]. For myself I’m not really too bothered but to a lot of the Muslim people, yes it is important to them and yes it is a very good idea.”

Even the BBC go all Muslim cheerleader on us.

Are they serious,I’d like to see how an exclusively NON Muslim building project got on.

Whatever next,exclusive,White Christian here,Afro Caribbean Christians there,Mormons here,this kind of ridiculous pandering to foreigners is not the answer,it is a symptom of the problem,they should be integrating with US, not getting their butts kissed for special treatment,who the hell cares which way round the loo is,they should just be damn glad there is one for crying out loud.


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