Yasmin Alibhai-Brown,ignorance is bliss

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Yasmin Alibhai-Brown,is a Women who possesses a level of ignorance, which transcends any level of stupidity previously known to Human kind.

With her medal winning way of insulting the indigenous populous, bare faced racism, and an open lack of understanding of both the Country she is so proud of pissing off, and it would appear, the crushing evidence of World history and current events.

She has again glossed over the Hellish reality that is Muslim Terrorists in their millions Worldwide, and the sea of blood, and bodies that follow them, with this, boo hoo, wah, wah, crying piece of future toilet paper.

Can anyone say, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil!!

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: “Stop this obsessive focus on Muslims

Talk about denial. She says

“What drives this relentless digging into our thoughts and desires, hopes and fears?”

Hey free World can anybody think of a reason why?

Perhaps 9/11 or 7/7,the Madrid bombings, the kidnappings, the open terror threats on the nightly news, shall I go on?

Hellish stories that only arrive with the word MUSLIM front and centre are quite literally a daily diet.

One only has to look at the news media HERE to see a fear drenched display of global terrorism and human rights violations of which many people in the World know little or nothing about.

Immediate examples of her sacred religion and it’s peaceful ways can be seen HERE regarding Muslim refusal to integrate with the wider society,or HERE,where a western Women is hounded by Muslims,or again and again and again,on and on examples of blood crime,death,rape,bombs.

Plus the obvious case,certainly in England,that we are surrounded,like sharks,by Muslims foaming at the mouth for an excuse to kill and Mame

I cannot fathom as to how Yasmin Alibhai-Brown can cry and say Muslims blow shit up because it’s OUR FAULT……?


So can anybody else point out to the Crown Princess of putting ones head in the sand and fingers in the ears going la,la,la,la,I no speaka da lingo,

Every word she says in support of terror is blood on her hands,so what does drive this relentless digging into our thoughts and desires, hopes and fears?”

Let’s all say it together shall we….MUSLIM TERRORISTS,

All Religions have issues but Islam is full to bursting with fruitcakes,Yasmin Alibhai-Brown,needs to smell what she is shovelling.

I dare say that if living in the free World is so crap,perhaps she might feel the need to relocate.


Have we really sunk THIS low

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The UK is known throughout the World as a pink, pussy wiped,limp dick terrorist loving place that allows all the Worlds scum to live there,and gives them benefits too.

I find more evidence of this from The Jawa Report,about some mad junkie Muslim convert called Trevor Brooks, a.k.a. Abu Izzadeen.

His insane ramblings can be seen on video HERE

Now to be unpopular,but I wouldn’t lose any sleep making the Muslim,and I use the word Religion very loosely, illegal, or at least powerless to preach this bollocks via legislation, to protect the rights of the indigenous cultures of the West.


Terrorists and their butt boys give up their human rights the minute they push hate as chocolate.

The West must be protected from the Muslim cancer,in life a surgeon cuts cancer out,perhaps similar measures are needed now.

Mel Gibson’s big mouth flushes his career

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English hater Mel Gibson has pooped his career away big time with a well chosen set of words.

Read what they are saying

Lets all just be grateful that the Religion in question doesn’t go around blowing shit up for the slightest thing(phew),thank God he didn’t use the “M” word.

Oh dear,denial,denial,denial

June 8, 2006 at 1:39 pm | Posted in Crazy person, England, Politics, Scotland | 1 Comment

So tell me,what kind of behaviour would you expect at 9am in a computer class full of people minding their own business.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Then I'll begin-

On my way into town on the bus,Arriva carry the free Metro paper which is actually very good,anyway,in it today was an item about your friend and mine Scotsman David Cameron and his sudden desperate need to suck up to English voters and insult us all, English and Scottish,by flying an England flag on his bike.


david cameron,self confessed turncoat.jpg

I find this image genuinely troubling because under normal circumstances England is a barren wasteland,devoid of any kind of open patriotism at being English,no flags no bunting,no nothing,the British Authorities deny we exist and quite openly discriminate against England because they know there is nothing we can do about it.

My 100% guarantee to you is, 5 seconds after England are knocked out, the whole kit and kaboodle will be binned into history,and the English can go back to being the 2nd class citizens we all know and love.

So back to my story,for those who don't know,only England is in the World Cup not Scotland,Wales or Northern Ireland,so Scottish MPs such as Gordon Brown andDavid Cameron,and now possibly Tony Blair
are causing all sorts of offence left right and centre by suddenly saying they care about a Country that they weren't born in.

A Country that a few weeks ago they would of happily ignored and felt good doing it.

A Country that will be left high and dry after England are out of the competition,they the turncoat MPs will go back to saying "England who"?

How can any politician expect people to take them seriously when they are transparently guilty of the most arrogant and exploitative attempts at vote grabbing.

Like dancing Bears they parade around in public,look at me everybody aren't I super,I have an England flag even though I'm NOT English,vote for meeeee!. 

Scotsman implying support for the England Team is fundamentally WRONG

So here we are talking to one of the chaps in the class,who by the way is a Black guy,I pointed out to him that "wasn't it sickening that this Scottish guy was kissing up to the English by using OUR flag" to which he laughed and agreed with me,at that moment a voice in a scottish accent pierced the silence with

"David Camerons not Scottish"

At 9am you just assume that someones having a bit of a light hearted dig,but NOOOOOOO,


I turned and indicated,"er well yes he is actually"

this small Scottish Women was having none of it,and just couldn't handle the truth,with a

"no he's not do you want an argument,stop talking about it,he's not"

I said "are you serious,don't you think it's a bit early for this sort of thing"

to which she replied "we're gonna have an argument if you don't shut up"

OH DEAR,that didn't show her in a very good light did it,I just swivelled my chair around pulling a face,oh dear,that doesn't say anything positive about her,she is either too dumb or has her head in the sand,DENIAL,no no no he isn't Scottish,er YES he is SORRY.

Lost in translation

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Given my very recent spam explosion,I was moved to read this item from The England Project,about some pill popping Crazy person out on a bender aimed at the CEP,all I can say is,thank God for comment control,this ass wipe is a total f**k head.

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