Playing with words,the Scottish way

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When is a UK wide terror alert not a UK wide Terror alert?

When it only affects England

Naturally there has been a heck of a lot of coverage regarding disruptions at airports(allegedly UK wide)or so the media would like you to think,but however, the truth is a little more annoying,but not one media outlet has pointed it out,and that is,

The terror threat only affecting England not the UK

The BBC on their UK page indicate Travellers suffer further delays,the news story allegedly covers the whole UK,BUT IT DOESN’T,it only applies to England.

Amazingly on the BBC ENGLAND page there is NO STORY,only a link to the foreign British news?

The ridiculousness of the Beeb to pretend that this terror plot,however horrid,is affecting Britain just isn’t true!.

To emphasise this blind stupidity,on the BBC SCOTLAND page we find,not horror death and delays,but near calm and tranquility,

“what couldn’t the terrorists be bothered to go that far,UK my arse”.

The BBC WALES page doesn’t even mention the issue about bomb nutters,you have to go HERE,to find that all is well,and

“Let’s be clear – there is no specific threat to south Wales, Cardiff or the Millennium Stadium

There’s lovely

So no threat to South Wales…. how do they know?

Even the info about the UK bombers is only available from the BBC ENGLAND page,are they trying to tell us something?

But the info itself magically travels from England to UK,as Queen said “it’s a kind of magic”

Where we are greeted by a lovely map of the south of ENGLAND,not Britain,where all the so called wackos were located.

So with a room packed with Scots,oh and Welshman Prezza,telling England what to do,over a crisis that doesn’t affect their own Countries,terrorism is another reason why England must have her own Parliament to deal with crazy’s our way,and not be dictated to by foreign Scots.


UK Government openly fabricate history…again!

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It has been widely reported that the Doomsday Book,chronicling ENGLAND in the 11th Century has been put on-line.

Fantastic,or is it?

It has also been widely reported HERE and HERE,that the UK authorities have clearly been hit on the head by a Hollywood Mogul and decided to re write history,all in the name of erasing England,both geographically,and Historically from the yet written history books to come.

The Doomsday Book is a detailed chronicle of England on and around 1085AD,it looks at life in 11th Century(ENGLAND ONLY).

You may read more HERE

The Doomsday Book is our most famous and earliest surviving public record. It is a highly detailed survey and valuation of all the land held by the King and his chief tenants, along with all the resources that went with the land in late 11th century England. The survey was a massive enterprise, and the record of that survey, Domesday Book, was a remarkable achievement.

Read more HERE

So you see,the Doomsday Book has nothing WHATSOEVER to do with Britain,it is an exclusively English precious relic,one that Scotland,Wales and NI have no claim to,so for the British to claim it as a relic of theirs is an utter bare faced LIE and a Hollywood style re write of the facts.

This is not mere personal opinion,but facts,facts in black and white Britain choose to ignore.

The Doomsday Book website even gives you the right answer many times,EXAMPLE BELOW


But then the wheels come off, and Britain takes the credit,that ISN’T THEIRS


It’s always a comfort to know the British Government will claim Historical treasures from other Countries as theirs,lets face it,it’s not the first time.

The use of the word England and the implication that someone actually ment to say Britain is incorrect,England,is just that…ENGLAND.

Britain,who’s birth in the early 18th Century,is the collective landmass of Wales,Scotland(Raj),England,and Northern Ireland,has no relevance to a document some 600 plus years older than it.

England fights to even say it’s own name-yet…

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Now Wales are going to get the chance to put their spoon into the gruel,without saying please too.

A story I covered a few days ago,has got the green light.

According to Ic Wales,

Wales have one foot in the cement of a possible Welsh Parliament,due to new laws and powers having just been granted to them.

The Act, passed last week, gives the Assembly the power to draw up its own laws for the first time – provided Westminster agrees first.

A Scottish-style Parliament could be created after a referendum, which will happen if two-thirds of AMs and a majority of MPs want one.

Tory Shadow Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan said

“It is clear the Assembly is now an established feature on the Welsh political landscape.

“Devolution has helped carve out an even more distinct national identity for Wales in the last seven years”.

She also correctly pointed out that

“Within England, there are also growing calls for the country to get its own Parliament – short of full independence”.

This NEW,bigger stronger,faster,version of Wales,within the bigger picture is a big step towards what,to my mind, IS THE way to go, and that is a Federal State,like the US,Canada,Australia,etc.

What is needed now however is the equalisation of power,the levelling of the playing field,as they say,so that not only can Scotland,Wales,and N Ireland decide for themselves,but the ENGLISH TOO,as we are currently left shackled to a chain gang,devoid of any kind of constitutional rights,fighting for any scraps of inclusion from the Fat Controllers upon high in UK Parliament plc.

Unlike the three Regions,the Nation of England,has no power,no Parliament,no public face to say NO to the UK chain gang,perhaps if I pretend to be Scottish I might get somewhere?….hhhmmmm.

“AN ENGLISH PARLIAMENT NOW PLEASE”,fairs,fair and all that jazz!!

Well,thats just B*marvellous

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According to The Herald,

The largest potential transfer of power from Westminster to the Welsh Assembly was approved last night after peers backed the move.
Rhodri Morgan, Wales’s First Minister, and Peter Hain, the Welsh Secretary, hailed the move as a “new dawn” for devolution in the principality.

Isn’t that just F-ing B* marvellous,England is busy waving it’s arms for just a crumb of recognition from the Raj,and getting S**t for our trouble,yet Wales has come along and,”suck,suck,nudge nudge, wink wink,say no more”got MORE POWERS.

“WHAT ABOUT ENGLAND”,you “bleep bleep,triple X,Expletive,deleted”

When is England going to get, The largest transfer of power from Westminster to the English Parliament was approved last night after peers backed the move.

Englandthelerf,England’s First Minister, and the English Secretary, hailed the move as a “new dawn” for devolution in England.


Media support UK Governments big fat lie!!

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Today the media are all backing up the UK Governments new thing that BRITAIN,and of course my dear Boys and Girls,the more with it amongst you will know the UK aka BRITAIN comprises Scotland,N Ireland,Wales,and even England.

So anyway the UK Governments NEW THING is the prospect of a UK Border Patrol Force.


Sky News say

Britain’s ports and airports are to be patrolled by uniformed border-control officers in the latest move to tackle the UK’s illegal immigrants.

The BBC say

A uniformed border-control force is to be introduced at ports and airports for the first time in the UK

So why is there a problem?

The proposal for the Border Patrol comes from the UK Government Home Office,problem being,that this office does not deal with UK issues,only those of England and Wales NOT BRITAIN,so there will be no UK Border Patrol Force,only one in England and Wales.

Furthermore to the open absurdity of this policy which pulls the wool over the eyes of the average voter,it does so with the skill of a card sharp,misdirecting the eye elsewhere.

Stabbing the knife of dictatorship ever deeper in to England,is the fact that the UK’s Home Office is run by our favourite foreigner aka SCOTTISH attack dog John Reid,this man is in charge of an office for Countries he is neither born in or resident of,he is unelected and unaccountable to the people of England or Wales,yet he makes rules for us, talks at length in the UK Parliament about them,YET his own Country of Scotland and all his constituentsback home are not affected in any way whatsoever,by any word he says.

The omnipotent Mr Reid can say or do ANYTHING HE LIKES,and we can do nothing about it,if he came to work dressed as a Chicken,smoking pot and walking arm in arm with a call girl,we in England couldn’t get rid of him because HE’S SCOTTISH,and therefore UNTOUCHABLE!!!.

When John Reid goes back home to Scotland he has NO POWER,there will be no border patrol,no guards no nothing,he can go to sleep at night knowing that however much he S**ts on England,or Wales he never has to smell it, or clear it up back home in good old Scotland. 

The Dictatorship says jump

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Oh lordy lordy,So BRITAIN wants children to have better School meals,but Boys and Girls can you look through the round window and guess where this only applies,go on close your eyes turn round three times and make a guess,now don't tell me,I am a magician and can read minds,was the answer ENGLAND ONLY ?,it was hooray ! your sooo clever,have a lolly on me.

Yes indeed The British Government want to stick their noses into the lives of not British kids,but those ONLY IN ENGLAND,what an F-ing surprise,leaving Scottish,Welsh and Irish kids to get on with their schooling.

According to the BBC
UK Education Secretary Alan Johnson has published nutrition guidelines banning meals high in salt and fat.

He goes on to say

"The health of our young people is not an area for compromise"

OUR Young people,who exactly is our young people ?

As Alan Johnson is a UK Education Secretary is there a magical mystery tour we need to go on to find out why he- as a UK Minister IS NOT IN CHARGE OF THE UK EDUCATION SYSTEM ?.

Save your bus fare,because I can reveal that as a UK cronie he can only tell England what to do,the other UK Countries of North Britain,West Britain,and Northern Ireland,have devolution and as such run their own Education schemes without Raj interference.


The number of obese or overweight children in Britain aged between two and 15 has risen to about 30% in recent years.

Britains children ?,I'm sorry I seem to of landed on the stupid planet,what have Britains children got to do with England ? or him ? as he doesn't control Britains children just England,DOH!!
Plans elsewhere in the UK
The School Meals Review Panel first outlined its recommendations last autumn, following Mr Oliver's campaign.

The Scottish Executive is also planning to ban junk food from schools and to create a law encouraging more pupils to eat school meals.

In Wales, a working group on nutritional standards is due to publish a report next month.

A Welsh assembly government spokeswoman said it would use its powers "to take junk food out of our schools".

Northern Ireland's education department has put out proposals for public consultation.

I'm flushed with pride that England is the only Country in Europe STILL 100% under the control of an ex colonial dictatorship,who's influence now is so low the English are their last chance at mass victimisation,oh joy is me to know we are the s**t on Scotlands jack boot.

Geographical wind of amnesia set to cause trouble

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God I’m not in a very charitable mood as my computer is crap and causing grief,but me thinks those oh so caring sharing PC zealots who wrap those ever so special someone someone groups up in a veil of unnecessary “it’s ok you don’t have to really live here, just pretend” mumbo jumbo are at it again,but for some inexplicable reason,they have tripped over their globe,bumped their heads and come up wanting AGAIN,now 2+2 doesn’t equal 4 anymore it equals whatever you like just as long as your ok with it !.


Well according to the BBC and other news media

British values classes considered

The British government is to review whether “core British values” should become a compulsory part of the curriculum for all 11 to 16-year-olds in England.

So The British Government and by British just read defacto Scottish Southern Government

want to teach British values (whatever that means)to kids not in Britain as you might logically assume would be the logical venue, but NO,it would appear the Manga machine has touched upon the Raj like a sweet smelling breeze and erased their World geography,the mysteries of the existence of an alternate reality step out from Dr Who and land here IN ENGLAND.

Yes Boy,Girls and other,the British Government only want to fill the heads of English kids with their brainwashing filth,how wonderfully selective of them to pick only English kids,do Scottish,Welsh and Northern Irish kids not deserve their preferential treatment too or are they Sooo wonderfully British already we English need to catch up with the Rajistan know it alls,I wonder ?

Can anyone explain why it is that Scotland run Britain and their own Country,and repeatedly and arbitrarily just say “right England is to be brainwashed with our new and improved list of B****hit mind control claptrap” which is just another way of imprisonment without walls,yet our glorious Celtic blonde blue eyed pure breeds can run free and have their own opinions,oh right so that’s it then an old War time policy for Tony’s Scottish Reich,no Britishness tests for them then.

So we have a paradox,that is Britishness classes but NOT IN BRITAIN,

If the Raj refuse to educate their own kids with their version of (Culture) cough, cough, splutter,

why in Gods name should English kids be forced to down this pill alone ?

If Scottish kids get Scottish culture,Welsh kids get Welsh culture and Irish kids,Irish Culture,when did logic get flushed away to stop English kids getting English culture?

This is unadulerated selective discrimination of the most transparent kind

This is not democracy this is dictatorship,pure and simple.

What goes around comes around

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Operation delayed – because girl lives in Wales

A WELSH mother has been told her seven-year-old daughter's hip operation is being delayed because she lives in Wales.

Lowri Regan of Guilsfield near Welshpool claims she was told by Oswestry's orthopaedic hospital in Shropshire England,that her daughter, Jessica, whose hip joint keeps popping out of its socket, was less of a priority than English patients.

Well I never doesn’t a little payback smell nice, those poor hard done by Welsh patients who’s NHS service is sponsored by ENGLISH tax money to god knows how many millions, and have a level of service we in England can only dream of.

Whilst I have sympathy for the young girl, is there not a Welsh Hospital better placed to deal with this issue ?

if you go abroad for health care of course it will be different !!.

Pardon me for not going all soppy and mushy but we English are crapped on by the NHS and regularly have treatment denied to us that Welsh and Scottish patients get as the norm, quite often being in the same hospital as them but getting 3rd world treatment in the next bed.

Devolution has created a healthcare lottery, we may not like it but it is a stark fact for those who require specialist help, where you live could indeed decide whether you live or die it’s that simple.

Let’s remember, Scotland, Wales and NI run their own NHS, England DO NOT, the Scottish Raj tell us what crumbs we are getting.

The newspapers are regularly printing stories of poor old Johnny English,who can't get such and such a drug or treatment for no other reason than they are English,yet Mr and Mrs somebody else is getting it free next door.

Whilst it may be painful to deal with the healthcare lottery can hurt us all given the right or wrong health problem we may encounter during ones lifetime.

your postcode could be the kiss of death !!.

Scottish Politician is Jingo Queen.

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Someone said it’s good to talk and according to the

Devolution 'made war on bigotry possible'

SCOTLAND would never have been able to tackle sectarianism without devolution, Cathy Jamieson, the justice minister, claimed yesterday.

Addressing an audience in Belfast, Ms Jamieson said devolution had given Scottish politicians the time and resources to tackle Scottish problems.

Oh how sweet it is- Devolution has given Scottish Politicians the time and resources to tackle Scottish problems.

She said she hoped devolution would be restarted in Northern Ireland soon, to give politicians there the same opportunity.

So does she have equal enthusiasm for devolution to Start in England ?

Who can say, she chooses not to say, but I wonder if she would be quite so dewey eye’d if it were

The minister said: "We would never have started a sectarian action plan for Scotland without devolved government in Scotland.

"This national plan shows a great strength of devolution – which is that we can provide Scottish solutions for distinctly Scottish problems."

“Scottish solutions for distinctly Scottish problems",oh how wonderfully not Racist,not Nationalist of Jingoistic,oh to be Scottish and my tongue be free to utter such things.

she added: "Devolution offers great potential to deliver real change for your people. It will take similar bravery to tackle your own very unique and complex sectarian problems here

YOUR PEOPLE,YOUR PEOPLE, did she really just say that ?,(for a chantelle moment) OH MY GOD !,how non inclusive do you want to be,what about all those people who aren’t from Northern Ireland who live there, are they included in YOUR PEOPLE I think not.

So there you have it "Devolution offers great potential to deliver real change for your people"

It delivers “Scottish solutions for distinctly Scottish problems",how nice.

Devolution had given Scottish politicians the time and resources to tackle Scottish problems.

So words spoken in public which if repeated in England would create front page news as some sort of racist twaddle are greeted with cheers and smiles instead simply because the speaker is Scottish- oh how the tranquility of double standards must wash over the media like a pheromone spray.

We the 50 million people of England await this miracle from afar as yet unbestowed upon us by the mighty Raj,the specticle of .

Devolution to deliver English solutions for distinctly English problems,by the people of England for the people of England.

The Raj filled to overflow with Stepford clones who look and sound real,but are simply mouthpieces for a bigger evil-The Blind denial of Englands existance and the rights of it's people.


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