Men get their own back for once

May 26, 2006 at 6:31 pm | Posted in Divorce, England, Equal opportunities, general | Leave a comment

Finally after all those stories of men getting totally f**ked over by the divorce courts,a women is forced to face up to the magical realm of EQUAL OPORTUNITIES.


According to the Daily Mail

Millionaire must sell her home in divorce deal with ex-lodger

I'm crushed !!

A woman who married her lodger will have to sell her "magnificent" country home to meet a divorce judgment.

So nice to finally see a women tasting that s**t covered pill men have to swallow all the time without a word.

Mr Dyer said
"I do not see it as a victory because this is the result I should have got at the outset of these proceedings.

"But in the light of what has been happening in the divorce courts recently, I see it as small triumph for man."

Perhaps next time Men will be treated equally now during divorce rather than a walking talking cash machine,living in a box behind Tesco whilst pouring money over a women who is financially solvent already and doesn't need it.

CHEERS DIVORCE COURTS,that's one in the eye for the man hater gang !!


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