Resistance IS NOT futile

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There are some Countries out there who have strong enough social laws to be able to kick out the crazys,America being one obvious example,a story I found HERE,about Manhatten,NewYork was very interesting.

Whilst the language was a bit strong the message was clear,that America will not allow madmen to roam around free endangering Americans willy nilly, as we have here in England and elsewhere.

A quote backing up this opinion appeared on a forum elsewhere.

Since 9/11 Muslims with “questionable” immigration status in the USA were forced to leave or face detention and interrogation, possibly for months.

Thousands voluntarily left. In fact, so many have left special flights had to be arranged every day!

I have a feeling a lot of them moved to a country were the controls are minimal, the government is pathetically weak and disorganised and where there is the potential to screw the system for everything you can get.

Hmmm.. Where could that be?
(forum quote)

I think we all know to our cost where that is!!!!

The West hating Borg,“oh sorry” Muslim scurge have a saying and it goes something like THIS

The Muslims say resistance is futile “yeah right dream on” fortunately we know someone who has other ideas GO GET UM TIGER.

The Crusades were a Frankie goes to Hollywood style clash of old, the Good and the bad,the Good, heroic Christians fighting to stop the islamic tornado,the bad-power crazed islamic zealots out to kill or convert,we are now at the tipping point where the line must now be drawn.


It’s all hitting the fan very very slowly

July 18, 2006 at 7:14 pm | Posted in EU/Europe, Human Rights, Muslims, sharia law, Terrorism | 1 Comment

I know it,you know it,the dog knows it,and that is England,Europe,the Western World is being poisoned on the quiet,with European Christians running for their lives,while invading Muslims march in and transform our Countries into living nightmares,like the Borg but with less dress sense,resistance is apparently futile.

The Cultural mustard gas that is Islam,is turning the World into one huge Muslim fashion parade,where everyone is anonymous,a one crazy law fits all conglomerate of honour killings,wife beatings,multiple marriage,intimidation,threats,insanity,and the Governments are letting it happen?.

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