England 4 Greece 0

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How about that!,I must admit to being pleasantly surprised,bye bye Sven,don’t come back!!

Watch the Goals,plus interviews now

It's odd not having that "oh well never mind" feeling.

Plus respect to the person who put this on YouTube...CHEERS


That’s how it’s done!

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Italy showed us how to do penalties by doing over France 5-3 last night.

England team watch and learn

Zidane showing us just how caring a Muslim hot head can be!!


Business as usual

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It’s all coming out in the wash now,the cloak of eternal victim has well and truly been torn from the Scottish public face.

Whilst we in England have always known the evil that lurks within,it would appear the media are finally grasping the metal to expose the venomous Scottish psychological condition.

Yet again according to the BBC another English person was been set upon in SCOTLAND, simply for being English.



England follow the script to a tee

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Yes we know,as per the usual result,England have done it again and hit self destruct via penalties.

I have little positive to say other than although I am not very impressed,I did indeed predict this result a little while ago,due to England’s previous record at World Cups,having qualified 13 times,they have reached the Quarter Finals 10 TIMES and lost!!,the semi’s twice,and of course won once.

The ONE moment English football has

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England as a football team,let's face it,they are pretty average when it counts,with this game at the weekend being very likely their last or at least one from last,this years World Cup is history for us very very soon.

We in England are used to sporting averageness,just look at the Rugby team right now-what a dog!!!.

Anyway,"yes yes keep going on about 66 why don't you",well yes other than 66 England is always the warm up act ready for the real teams to finish up later.


The ONE genuine moment that fate flipped a coin and it came down on OUR side that ONE fleeting moment that expectation and reality actually sat at the same table.

I am under no illusions about England's chances in this years event,it has been 40 years since fate got drunk and got her sums wrong to hand England the World Cup,I honestly feel that it may take till I retire to see her drunken party trick once more.

PS-Big shame about all those flags for a team not in the World Cup,We are England not Britain ,but hey it was 1966,we know better now.

Baboons support England

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Yes really,English Baboons do their thing-HERE

Look at what your wearing LUV

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Oh Keeley you've let me down dear,what are you doing silly girl,for this your going to be smacked hard!!



Julia Botfield reports for BBC

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With What could of been a news report plucked from any lazy news hacks pocket TODAY,was a news item from 4 years ago for World Cup 2002, still using the same old,same old routine, about,oh oh it must be a bad thing,the worlds gone crazy that English people for a couple of weeks every few years get a chance to express their identity.

You can watch this report HERE

This next little gem revolves around a Welsh Police Chief warning the English to be on their guard in Wales in case they get beaten up by Welsh Racists.


It goes without saying you can see this item HERE

Strictly speaking of course the Police officer was actually making inflammatory remarks about the English,but the way it came out it looks like he is warning us-GOOD MAN.

A quote which I come across regularly,most typically from pricks who have no idea what they are on about is THUS.

“But is this flag waving mania,football inspired fun,or does it have SINISTER NATIONALIST OVERTONES”


No I don’t know what this jerk off is talking about either,but you can decide for yourself HERE

Lets just look at that briefly, Sinister Nationalist Overtones,what does that mean exactly ?

If he is crying about patriotism, then I suggest that the entire World is full of people with Sinister Nationalist Overtones,try America for one !!,the English deal with cultural imprisonment in their own Country like someone denied chocolate or something,when we finally get a chance to be English in the open, without fear of arrest, we rush out from our cultural prisons and go a bit overboard, to cram as much in as possible before the bolt slams shut on the freedom to be English holiday,the sports over, back to English anonymous for you.

On the subject of anthems

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After my gnashing of teeth thinking about John Reid super jerk,I decided to expand your horizons ever so slightly,all you, not from England,caring sharing equal oportunities types.

Yes we in England have no National Anthem (gasp,shock horror,it can’t be true!) yes I’m afraid it is, and the English FA agree with me too.

I am not alone in my desire for my own Country to have an Anthem 

“Why does the English football team use the British national anthem in internationals. Surely they’d be better off using a song that corresponds to England only. Why not Jerusalem? It’s a cracking tune and much more English than that dreadful dirge that is God Save the Queen”.

“I loathe GSTQ as well, not least because it’s not about my country but about a sovereign. So it depends what you want your anthem to be about. Jerusalem sounds fabulous when sung by 40,000 voices at once”,

Jerusalem is the song I would pick and is broadly considered to be the peoples unofficial English Anthem,this opinion poll agrees with me too. 

For all of you with questions or you just can’t quite get your head around it,you must visit the Anthem for England website for full info

I’ll name that tune in one

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Currently there is an interesting bit of debate going on in the Raj heartland,or Scotland to you and me,with regards the Scottish Saltaire Flag and the National Anthem of Scotland.

If you do a search on the BBC for Scottish National Anthem you get THIS

This issue is hot at the moment,one comment that tickled me somewhat is the comment that

Scottish Tory deputy leader Murdo Fraser said "Scotland's national anthem was God Save the Queen, but he acknowledged there was an issue about what was played at international sporting events".

I just wonder how many Scots would agree that GSTQ was theirs too?,I bet someone escorted him home safe after that little bombshell!!.

A very interesting little item,certainly from an English perspective was THIS very interesting bit

Which shines a light on an attitude which I wish was more prevalent here in England,ie a team who dig in their heels and get what they deserve,a bit of National respect.

In 1969 An official sparring match erupted over a request by Scottish boxers to play Scotland the Brave and fly the Saltire at sporting events

The Scottish Amateur Boxing team threatened to walk out of an event in the Czech capital Prague in 1969 over the use of the Union Flag and the UK National Anthem, God Save the Queen.

The team wanted the Saltire flag to be flown during bouts and to stand to Scotland The Brave, if and when they triumphed.

I have to say RESPECT even if they are Scottish for sticking to their guns,and ditching GSTQ,I just wish we in England had athletes with big enough balls to do the same and bury GSTQ in to history,as it is NOT ENGLANDS ANTHEM but that of the UK,Scottish athletes said enough is enough back in 69,why is it that for all my lifetime we in England haven't followed this example ?.

A quote which I believe does very nicely thankyou.

"the Scottish home and health department said: "…if it is proper for a team representing Scotland, as distinct from Great Britain or the United Kingdom to take part at such events, it follows logically that victory in a particular event should be celebrated by the running up a distinctively Scottish flag i.e. the Saltire, and by the playing of a distinctively Scottish tune."

Well isn't that just lovely,so blatantly obvious,yet ground breaking in it's aproach,this specticle of a Nation actually getting to fly it's National Flag and have IT'S OWN ANTHEM played.




God I am a bit annoyed now !!!

Yet if I was to put English National Anthem into the BBC I get this excuse

British football songs ? British football songs,British football songs!!!!!!,what the hell is that ?

since when has Three Lions on a shirt,been anything other than an English footy song,the Scots,Welsh and everybody else couldn't give a s**t about it,probably because it isn't about them,the BBC are a bunch of **£$$%%*** etc, etc,they just don't get the difference ,TOSSERS!!.

The recent grovelling for votes by Scottish MP's to their English slaves,and the flying of non Britain flags over Government Buildings,as I have discovered is not totally new,as I found HERE

Although strictly speaking it is just the blind leading the blind, or as we say in the Midlands,the Scots leading themselves.

The Scottish saltire was last flown on a government building in England more than 100 years ago.

It will be on public display from the roof of Dover House, the London base of the Scotland Office, from dawn until dusk on Saturday.

A decision to hoist the flag was made as a show of support for the Scotland team who must beat England in a two leg play-off if they want to proceed to the Euro 2000 final.

Such wonderful objectivity,flying a foreign flag in the face of the English,publicly saying,we hope you lose,er tactless anybody?

Scottish Secretary Dr John Reid said: "I am looking forward to the match immensely and share every Scot's hope that we can go through to the Euro finals next year.

John Reid the Scottish Nazi that the English love to hate,who seems to take every job he can so he can piss the English off,now he is the Foreign Secretary for England and Wales(note not of his own Country Scotland) we in England know he's a f**king t**t already, but this just puts the cherry on top!!.

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