Non of the above actually,SORRY!

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You know the sort of thing!,daft websites with silly tests and info about anything and everything.

Well roll up,who today did themselves no favours by getting US History WRONG.

Oh how could this happen!!!

I know,I know,it’s hard to believe,BUT TRUE,and their downfall ?-The American Revolution.

They said “Could You Pass the US Citizenship Test?”

One vital question asked is “which Country did the US fight during the Revolutionary war?”

The answer is of course BRITAIN but unfortunately must of skipped that class as they bizarrely say ENGLAND- WHY ? I have no idea ?

And heres the proof

If you were to give the answer THEY say,you would fail the test.

Britain does not mean England OK!!!!!!!


Men get their own back for once

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Finally after all those stories of men getting totally f**ked over by the divorce courts,a women is forced to face up to the magical realm of EQUAL OPORTUNITIES.


According to the Daily Mail

Millionaire must sell her home in divorce deal with ex-lodger

I'm crushed !!

A woman who married her lodger will have to sell her "magnificent" country home to meet a divorce judgment.

So nice to finally see a women tasting that s**t covered pill men have to swallow all the time without a word.

Mr Dyer said
"I do not see it as a victory because this is the result I should have got at the outset of these proceedings.

"But in the light of what has been happening in the divorce courts recently, I see it as small triumph for man."

Perhaps next time Men will be treated equally now during divorce rather than a walking talking cash machine,living in a box behind Tesco whilst pouring money over a women who is financially solvent already and doesn't need it.

CHEERS DIVORCE COURTS,that's one in the eye for the man hater gang !!

Channel 4 News fail their ABC’s

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Oh dear I don’t think you spell ENVIRONMENT like that do you.

channel 4 news blooper.jpg

Dr Sentamu is voice of the People

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Respect,respect,respect,Dr John Sentamu is THE MAN.

Indigenous population 'neglected'

The Archbishop of York has blamed the rise in popularity of anti-immigration parties on a perceived failure to support the "indigenous population".

Dr John Sentamu claimed some local government policies have led to the impression that migrants were being favoured over people of British or English origin.

Dr Sentamu is the Church of England's first black Archbishop.

What a guy,he just keeps coming up with the goods,shoving the anti English doctrine of the Raj back in their face.

High 5 Drinking from Home

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Tonight I got the chance to hear a crazy US radio broadcast about how the World can stop muslims from crying themselves to sleep at night,trust me it is sooo funny the caller just dug a bigger and bigger hole for himself with every word,I ended up just laughing,it is a classic.


you will love it,PS – yes we know it's a spoof but who cares.
Cheers DFH

Austria’s Women’s Minister goes on Man hate crusade

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Austria's national anthem is sexist and must be revised, the country's right wing women's minister has declared.

According to a wacked out feminist,- Austria’s Minister for Women Maria Rauch-Kallat objects to the anthem's description of Austria as a "fatherland" which is home to "great sons". She proposes several changes.

And according to she wants men purged from national anthems.

IN A move that spells trouble for half of Europe’s national anthems, Austria’s Minister for Women’s Affairs has demanded wholesale changes to her country’s paean to purge it of sexist references.

Mentions of the “fatherland”, “great sons” and “brotherly choruses” should be replaced by gender-neutral terms such as “homeland” and “joyful chorus”, said Maria Rauch-Kallat, whose quest stands a fair chance of success.

Austria's National Anthem was written BY A WOMEN.
So some mouthpiece for dotty ideas is crying about gender specific phrases and ideology!.

So miss Hitler how about those ever so not sexist terms and phrases that are Women centred ?.
Examples such as Motherland, Mother Earth, calling vehicles and boats she and her, The oh so not sexist Women’s institute, Women’s hour on the radio, Women’s Ministers where there is no Male equivalent, Women only library time, Women only swimming lessons, Women only Gym’s, Women only insurance,terms such as the Sisterhood,

So Women are so hard done by,DON’T THINK SO LUV !.

Wake up and smell the inequality against MEN

WE are NOT amused

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After seeing Gordon Broooown use the we word when talking about the England team in the World Cup ?even though he is Scottish and Scotland isn't in the World Cup (boo hoo),the insistence of foreign MP's to ingratiate themselves with possible English sporting success was bloody annoying and sinfully transparent.

He said 75% of Wales and 66% of Scotland supported Englands World Cup Team.

IN YOUR DREAMS MATE,every man and his dog know that 100% of them support the team playing England,that's a social given without contradiction !.

So who is WE ? Gordy is now Mr Great Britain let's pretend we are all the same Guy ?

So who is the WE Team ?

Great Britain doesn't play football.

Jyllands-Posten want justice

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A Danish newspaper Jyllands- Posten said on Tuesday it had filed a defamation lawsuit against a lawyer representing a group of Muslim organisations that sued the daily for publishing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

The Jyllands-Posten sued Michael Christiani Havemann for saying its top editors ordered a cartoonists to deliberately make a “gross” drawing of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) because those solicited by freelance artists were not good enough. The 12 cartoons published by the daily in September prompted angry mobs to attack Western embassies in Muslim countries, including Lebanon, Iran and Indonesia. The cartoons later were reprinted in several countries worldwide.

The newspaper is seeking $16,800 in damages.

So a little payback for Denmark

I was there

May 8, 2006 at 7:52 pm | Posted in Denmark, Education, general, Schools | Leave a comment

Having had a spanking time in Copenhagen,I cannot say enough of how much I liked the place.

When on holiday you and I from time to time witness news events unfold by accident without actually knowing fully what it's about !.

So tonight after reading the Jyllands-Posten article about the student protests I saw,I was pleased to say I SAW THAT I WAS THERE,WHOOPPEE

copenhagen student protest 2.JPG

I knew it was about some exam thing or other but now I know,a little eye witness news.

copenhagen student protest 3.JPG

Denmark Holiday

April 30, 2006 at 8:35 am | Posted in England, general, Holidays | 1 Comment

We are off today to Copenhagen,Denmark,so will be back in a few days.


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