Doctor Who,what,where,why,and I don’t think so!

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Just browsing News Now,and I found a ripe little Doo doo,courtesy of
It would appear that either their research people are being paid WAY TO MUCH for rubbish work,or someone just doesn’t give a s**t about facts.

Now I know I watch Dr Who for Billie Piper because she’s such a dirty girl,but I do take the time to recognise that the current Dr Who is SCOTTISH,not that you’d think that was a revelation,but you’d be wrong,because Contactmusic report that David Tennant is (ENGLISH!

“DOCTOR WHO star DAVID TENNANT has been banned from attending fan conventions by the BBC, because TV bosses fear the star may blurt out upcoming storylines to eager fans. The English actor is under contract to stay away from the sci-fi events“.

You can bet money HE doesn’t know that.

Yet and even more amusing,is the profile they have on him that points out that he is Scottish!,

David Tennant

DOB: 18 April 1971 – Paisley, Scotland, UK

wake up Contactmusic,do you even read your own website?.


From bombs to bank holidays

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Fresh from throwing a fit about the Raj being used by the US,then deciding a bomb was more child friendly being shipped from grubby morlock infested England,those silly North Brits have gone and bloopered their own Patron Saints Day.

All cleaned up, and fresh nappies applied,they throw a pie in their own face with this little howler.

When is it again?

“Party down” at Alton Towers-(NOT)

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They oh so much wanted to go,the Muslim only Alton Towers Day that caused such a stink has been shelved, yeah baby,fun fun fun,let it ALL hang out momma.


Never fear however,as we can all go and visit Cartman’s new super not exclusive Theme Park instead.


Mel Gibson’s big mouth flushes his career

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English hater Mel Gibson has pooped his career away big time with a well chosen set of words.

Read what they are saying

Lets all just be grateful that the Religion in question doesn’t go around blowing shit up for the slightest thing(phew),thank God he didn’t use the “M” word.

Sean Connery is No1 what!!

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Isn’t that a double negative or something,Sean Connery the Scotsman who was the ultimate British Hero as James “suck suck” Bond,the guy who now jumps up and down pouring S**t on Britain,whilst,sucking the c**k of every Scottish nationalist going,has been voted the best British Hero by a theme park “WHY?”

Sir Sean Connery has topped a list of British heroes. The Scottish actor – who is best known for playing secret agent James Bond – beat off stiff competition from athletes and TV stars in the poll conducted by UK theme park, Thorpe Park.

One would of thought he would be voted whiniest person who appeared in movies being Mr Britain who wished he hadn’t.

But then again let’s be honest about it…..if someone has to win something regarding Britain,what better person to win it but,yes,A Scotsman,they are after all the MOST British of us all,God bless Scotland and all the Brits who sail in her.

Strength of the Bear!!!!!!

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Eyes of the Hawk,ears of the Wolf,-speeeeed of the Puma…..BLONDE STAR

This has got to be made up,it has to be?

Reality bytes-YAAFM episode 12-Muslims

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This is so funny,you just have to see it.factual,yet hilarious too,what stars these writers and creative types are.

I found this while checking out some links from USS Neverdock

BE AWARE there is adult language used in some parts so please bare that in mind,but it is so funny.

YAAFM Episode 12

Thanks to Ms

I was just thinking the exact same thing

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So I by chance find a stupid story that makes little sense, from the SUN website about page 3 girls dashing about soaking people?

But then you find a picture that says EXACTLY what I’d been thinking at that very moment.


see what I mean below


That young lady Jak has quality tattooed all over her,if she ever becomes a Doctor, I want her as my GP.

News flash-England is a free Country according to Superman

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Yes-yes-yes,Boys and Girls and other,whilst the World ponders the existence of little green persons,global warming and nuclear winter,Superman has shown us in England that HE cares,oh yes indeed,in HIS REALITY,England is an independent Country and a member of the UN.


I am crushed that YOU have so little faith, read it and weep BELOW,with this screen cap from Superman4



In our universe England is a downtrodden sorry excuse for a Country,dominated by everybody else,totally subjugated by the Brits,or is that the Scots,I forget,they’re the same aren’t they?

but not in Hollywood,in Superman’s World WE ARE FREE,no Scottish Raj here,three cheers for Superman.

A little peek into what might be reality-one day.

Another test and I’m still great

July 2, 2006 at 7:02 pm | Posted in Humour (English), Politics | Leave a comment

Took the OK politics test and as ordered, all is calm,apparently.

Checkout my result BELOW


I still have no idea exactly what it’s on about,but they do seem to want to kiss my butt quite a bit.

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