ASDA get non qualified teams into World Cup

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World Cup tat-you either love it or hate it,but for a few short weeks people all across England can actually get away with being English in their own Country and not be arrested by the Scottish Raj for their trouble.

The overload of England stuff is an amusing sight for those of us who fight to keep it's image alive 365 days a year,and not just for sporting events.

Hypocrisy and money do go hand in hand though and examples of this abound right now,I have already posted with regards to ASDAS World Cup schizophrenia HERE,but on reading WENAPs comments about the axis of evil ie-TESCO AND SAINSBURYS,I decided to revisit my previous post to make my point,as the kids say "yo yo big up" my point with pictorial proof of the strange and often mysterious world of the marketing persons.

ASDA,like many retailers are selling World Cup clothing,but only in their English stores ,incase their Scottish employees all end up in counseling,due to them crying all the time about Scotland not being in the World Cup.

The ASDA footy clothing range can be found HERE,but within it's pages,like Bananaman,"an amazing transformation occurs",but unlike Eric becoming Bananaman,ASDA have somehow got Scotland,Wales and Republic of Ireland,in to the World Cup by the back door.


Excellent question, and the answer is- CLOTHING

ASDA stock Scotland,Wales and Republic of Ireland World Cup clothing-WHY ?

Who can say as they didn't qualify,but it's there, and I can show you now.

whats wrong with this picture.jpg

and if that wasn't enough you get a second go below.

and again jpg.jpg
Isn't the need to be as greedy as possible a wonderful excuse to ignore the facts and just grab grab grab with clothing for Countries who didn't make it ?.


Ireland show England how it’s Possible

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A social revolution for change is never easy,like the American Revolution,the India uprising and countless other Countries peoples all collectively giving two fingers to Britain,the Irish uprising of 1916 against British oppression is celebrated today.

Dublin due to mark Easter Rising

Tens of thousands of people are expected to attend a parade in Dublin commemorating the 1916 Easter Rising against British rule.

The Easter Sunday parade, which will feature 2,500 military personnel, will be the first in Dublin for 37 years.

Wreaths will be laid and a minute's silence held in commemoration of all civilian and military personnel, including the British, killed in 1916.


More than 100,000 people are expected to attend the 90th anniversary commemorations of the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin today, an event widely seen as an extravagant dress rehearsal for the centenary celebrations in 10 years' time.

Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has approved a full military parade to mark the anniversary of the armed insurrection that was the catalyst for Irish independence.

The 1916 Easter Rising saw Irish rebels attempt to seize the capital from British imperial forces.

The parade will begin at Dublin Castle before making its way along Dame Street, College Green and Westmoreland Street before crossing the River Liffey on to O'Connell Street.

Whilst I do not condone violence the sheer force of public opinion does not(as we see daily in England) always get listened to by the Raj,so mass public peaceful protests pushing for English Independence,similar to those in Scotland 20 odd years ago are something I feel is under used within the context of putting your message across for English rights and a civic identity so far refused us by Fuhrer Blair.

If America can go super freak over the 4th July,and Ireland can openly celebrate the Easter uprising against Britain and wave flags and do the- we are not British and proud routine.

In the future who will be our RE-founding persons ? 

And what date that we pass innocently now every year will instantly be our 4th July peaches and cream,when the Raj finally get lost ? 

And when 5 years 10/20 years ? 


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