A Rare Bit of Common Sense

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As you well know St Georges Day will soon be upon us with large areas of England either oblivious to it or cowering under the bed untill it's all over just incase SOMEBODY has a drama and can't deal with the fact that they live in England(GROAN).

But hark,what light through yonder window breaks,it is Bucks Free Press and Dartford Council is the Sun.

Dartford Borough Council Homepage

Backing patron saint, by George

RESIDENTS, shops and schools are all being asked to fly the national flag to celebrate the patron saint of England.

Dartford Council is aiming to make sure the borough will be awash with red and white on April 23.

This is after a decision was made to celebrate St George's Day.

The council is planning to give away 100 large flags and 100 car flags to the first 200 residents to claim them from the civic centre in Home Gardens.

Council leader Councillor Jeremy Kite said: "The St George is our national flag and we should be proud to fly it.

"It's ridiculous to bow to the suggestions the flag is provocative or likely to offend."

Patriotism will be a theme of the weekend which will also see the borough celebrating the Queen's 80th birthday.

Checkout Councillor Jeremy Kites profile

Should Dartford celebrate St George's Day? Call News Shopper on 01689 885721 with your views. ???????

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Quite why they should ask this inapropriate question though is beyond me ?


From the Horses Mouth

April 5, 2006 at 9:59 pm | Posted in England, general, Local Government, Politics | Leave a comment

Tonight I have had a good time at a meeting,(no not that kind of meeting)a proper one.

Following on from information given to me that my Borough Council WILL be amalgamated with the City Council,I heard about a public meeting the Council were giving to discuss local issues,so I went and have just got back.

I was all keen to drill someone about it all.

was there consultation ?

when was it ?

what form did it take ?

how long did it last ?

what was the outcome ?

I got there a bit late but was able to snag my man as he took a fag break.

So down to it,is the Borough Council to be merged with the City ?

He said "we don't know it's all up in the air but we are fighting it,we will have to wait and see"

on whether there had been consultation ? he said "NO as it was too early yet but there will be in due course"

So a bit of reality for once,the local PC CSO he say yes,the local Council guy says "NO" and according to him it isn't a minimum of 250,000 residence it's 330,000 residence minimum to survive the chop.

Then an unexpected extra took place

He turned and said "so your interested in politics then" to which I replied yes but only English politics such as an English Parliament,because of devolution WE are told what to do by Scots,he started to laugh and agreed with me that we (the English)do indeed require our own Parliament,this unexpected agreement made me press for more.

On the subject of English people being able to fly Englands National Flag in public in England he agreed again !! on further pushing he said that if I flew a flag outside my house and someone complained the Council wouldn't do anything(well f-ing bloody hooray to that),he went on to agree about St Georges Day and an English National Anthem,was this guy really agreeing with me or was he just jerking me off ? he seemed to really agree.

Now lets just look at this again,my Council is run by Lib Dems and their policies do nothing for England as their ex leader was a card carrying anti English twat,so why was a Lib Dem local Council leader apparently contradicting his own party line by talking to and it would seem agreeing with me ?

I left the meeting with a strange feeling of did that chap really just say that ? and does that mean that there are actual Human Beings in the Lib Dems ?,I suspect that if he was ever asked about what he said he would deny it completely as it was just him and me,only I know the facts.


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