The London Underground Bend Over and Take a Good One

March 30, 2006 at 3:57 pm | Posted in general, Human Rights, Muslim, Political Correctness, Scottish Raj | Leave a comment

I've been good,I've been very very good,all those Drama Queen Muslim stories I've Ignored because there are so many of them,wa,wa,wa,I want to maim and kill,but I want my Human Rights too routine is BORING to the core,but I'm weakening, Muslim overload,one too many stories OH GOODNESS.

Yes ok….overkill perhaps,but living in the Midlands,tripping over whiney Muslims is an everyday event.

Today according to the BBC The London Underground has refused to display promotional material for a new TV show incase it offends Muslims.(yawn)


Oh dear, the poor things will all need a sit down with a hot milky cocoa after seeing that,it's such a hard life being part of such a humane religion,just a quick pat on the head and a "there,there is that better now"

Such a shame no one cares enough not to insult the English,but then-we don't blow shit up.


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