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Currently there is an interesting bit of debate going on in the Raj heartland,or Scotland to you and me,with regards the Scottish Saltaire Flag and the National Anthem of Scotland.

If you do a search on the BBC for Scottish National Anthem you get THIS

This issue is hot at the moment,one comment that tickled me somewhat is the comment that

Scottish Tory deputy leader Murdo Fraser said "Scotland's national anthem was God Save the Queen, but he acknowledged there was an issue about what was played at international sporting events".

I just wonder how many Scots would agree that GSTQ was theirs too?,I bet someone escorted him home safe after that little bombshell!!.

A very interesting little item,certainly from an English perspective was THIS very interesting bit

Which shines a light on an attitude which I wish was more prevalent here in England,ie a team who dig in their heels and get what they deserve,a bit of National respect.

In 1969 An official sparring match erupted over a request by Scottish boxers to play Scotland the Brave and fly the Saltire at sporting events

The Scottish Amateur Boxing team threatened to walk out of an event in the Czech capital Prague in 1969 over the use of the Union Flag and the UK National Anthem, God Save the Queen.

The team wanted the Saltire flag to be flown during bouts and to stand to Scotland The Brave, if and when they triumphed.

I have to say RESPECT even if they are Scottish for sticking to their guns,and ditching GSTQ,I just wish we in England had athletes with big enough balls to do the same and bury GSTQ in to history,as it is NOT ENGLANDS ANTHEM but that of the UK,Scottish athletes said enough is enough back in 69,why is it that for all my lifetime we in England haven't followed this example ?.

A quote which I believe does very nicely thankyou.

"the Scottish home and health department said: "…if it is proper for a team representing Scotland, as distinct from Great Britain or the United Kingdom to take part at such events, it follows logically that victory in a particular event should be celebrated by the running up a distinctively Scottish flag i.e. the Saltire, and by the playing of a distinctively Scottish tune."

Well isn't that just lovely,so blatantly obvious,yet ground breaking in it's aproach,this specticle of a Nation actually getting to fly it's National Flag and have IT'S OWN ANTHEM played.




God I am a bit annoyed now !!!

Yet if I was to put English National Anthem into the BBC I get this excuse

British football songs ? British football songs,British football songs!!!!!!,what the hell is that ?

since when has Three Lions on a shirt,been anything other than an English footy song,the Scots,Welsh and everybody else couldn't give a s**t about it,probably because it isn't about them,the BBC are a bunch of **£$$%%*** etc, etc,they just don't get the difference ,TOSSERS!!.

The recent grovelling for votes by Scottish MP's to their English slaves,and the flying of non Britain flags over Government Buildings,as I have discovered is not totally new,as I found HERE

Although strictly speaking it is just the blind leading the blind, or as we say in the Midlands,the Scots leading themselves.

The Scottish saltire was last flown on a government building in England more than 100 years ago.

It will be on public display from the roof of Dover House, the London base of the Scotland Office, from dawn until dusk on Saturday.

A decision to hoist the flag was made as a show of support for the Scotland team who must beat England in a two leg play-off if they want to proceed to the Euro 2000 final.

Such wonderful objectivity,flying a foreign flag in the face of the English,publicly saying,we hope you lose,er tactless anybody?

Scottish Secretary Dr John Reid said: "I am looking forward to the match immensely and share every Scot's hope that we can go through to the Euro finals next year.

John Reid the Scottish Nazi that the English love to hate,who seems to take every job he can so he can piss the English off,now he is the Foreign Secretary for England and Wales(note not of his own Country Scotland) we in England know he's a f**king t**t already, but this just puts the cherry on top!!.


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