No more M word on this blog

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Having been using up far too much space recently regarding the Muslims,I am not going to soil my blog any further,and stick to my original remit.

This is a blog about ENGLAND and we need to get back on the Horse.


That’s a bit pedantic don’t you think ?

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Trust an American to get THIS anal about little technicalities.

Matt Rosenberg is a professional geographer and the author of two books about geography.

According to him WE the English,the Scots,the Welsh,and the Northern Irish DON’T live in Countries,but parts of Britain!!

England WAS an independent Nation until the Scots took over in 1707,but at least he does it to Scotland,and Wales and NI too,try telling 50 million English people we aren’t a Nation!!.

And as for the World Cup he tries to tell us we shouldn’t be there(BOLLOCKS TO THAT MATE)

I’m sure this Matt chappie is kind to Children and animals,but he knows shit about diplomacy,don’t tell ME I live on some nameless rock lad,NOT GOOD.

you may read Matts profile HERE

Murray needs a lesson in diplomacy

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After my own thoughts on the matter, I was pleased to catch an article in the Daily Express today which shows that I am not alone in my stance.

Leo Mckinstry today had a few points that I have already posted on plus many I agree with,such as.

The sadness is that,after decades of frustration,our hopes should be borne by such an unedifying,immature and unpatriotic figure,who has as big a talent for alienating his natural supporters as for match winners”.

“Murray has proved to be a petulant often miserable youth,indulging in foul mouthed tantrums on the court and anti english diatribes off it”.

“In the run up to Wimbledon,Murray caused a storm by expressing his contempt for the England football team,saying he hoped they were dumped out of the World Cup,and expressed his solidarity with England’s World Cup opponents”.

It is next to impossible to really sympathise with Murray with the way he continually bites the hand that feeds him, ie English tax money.

My natural instinct is to be quite lenient,then you read more about the unfortunate things he has said,and ones good will starts to be strained,I am trying not to feel guilty about disliking him, but he does keep on saying and doing the wrong thing for all of England to see like a red rag to a Bull.

If you come to England to play tennis in England at the All England Club,in front of many thousand English fans both in and out of court,then proceed to brazenly happy slap the English Nation for all to see, then the individual in question is either, a racist,a twat, or a fool,all be it a young one.



Whilst I will not condone excessive personal attacks on Murray, he is an individual who is extremely difficult to like under any circumstances.


Honesty isn’t popular

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So we "England" are again being put through the NOT AGAIN media circus with the inevitable loss coming up in the knockout stages.

With two totally crap performances against very average teams,England have well and truly painted a big loser sign on their team bus ready and waiting to drag their sorry butts home.

For an Englishman,the knowledge that your footy team is,let's say average is not usually a problem until it's frailties are paraded around to a World audience.

Some might say I am unpatriotic,which quite frankly is utter bollocks.

I am merely a realist,a man who knows not to care too much as to whether ones team wins or loses,years and years of seeing England make a habit of losing just grinds you down to the point you have to just stop caring,to not be peed off every match,so now,when we win GREAT,when we lose,oh well never mind,it isn't like England aren't good at doing that!!

I have been looking over,and there are some nice England bits on there,the Euro 96 Footballs coming home,is for me a very good reflection of my attitude really,hopeful yet resigned to the fact that they will do something stupid to blow it!!


For my money,even for an old grumpy guts such as myself, it is without question the World Cup 90 World in motion song,which I did actually buy, and have the tape in the house somewhere,which is the best ever song,which even makes half hearted footy fans like me feel the force,I remember it well,as a young 20 something at the time the 1990 World Cup side was the best we have had since 66. 

They say resistance is futile

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I try so very very hard to ignore the utter utter BOLLOCKS,that the terrorist so called religion of Islam puts out into the media on a regular basis,somehow trying to justify murder and destruction and intimidation throughout the Western World just so they don't have to come to terms with the fact that the West DOESN'T want to be Islamic !.

For an easily understandable comparison they are like the Borg,who just crush any resistance by force and assimilate you whether you like it or not.

We are the Islamic extremists resistance is futile!!

According to my Oxford Dictionary,the term RESIST is described as

1 withstand the action or effect of

2 try to prevent or fight against

3 refrain from

So pardon me if I choose to damn well resist,thanks all the same matey!

Islam is not a religion, but a license to terrorise

Muslims who cry and whine that the UK or US,Australia,Canada etc are resisting being brainwashed had better wake up to the fact that they are not in Kansas anymore!,and are more than welcome to leave to go back home where they are free to terrorise whoever they like.

So why put myself through this bloody annoying spate of anger ?

Quite simply I was made aware of this stinking pool of poison rhetoric,by the excellent website Jihad watch,this web site exposes what is basically a web based toilet for madmen and women to say the West will become Islamic or else,and to cry and stamp their feet that no one will let them play with their little bombs,BOO HOO!!

Talk about arrogant presumption,talk about cultural genocide via the mass use of fear and terror threats,Islam and the word Muslim/s are now just signature by words for intolerance and fear.

According to Wikipedia,Muslims were directly responsible for approximately 57% of terrorist fatalities and 61% of woundings in 2004 and early 2005,so much for peace and love,and getting on with your fellow human and all that.

I unfortunately have first hand experience of what Islam is face to face and up close,not in a dark alley somewhere but in broad daylight at work most worryingly HERE,but also HERE,where the full force of this apparent ease at which threats of violence are seen as quite normal and it is me who is nuts.

Personally if it was me, I would bring about an Escape from NewYork style scenario,where all the sickos could be booted out to sea to some rock to get on with it away from the rest of us.

I live in a very very multicultural area of England,but with all these groups in one place,almost without fail it is only Muslims who kick up a stink about anything!.

If living in the West is sooo bad and we are all infidels,why stay ?

If Muslims are so keen to make the West into their image,I am sure they won't mind if I go over there and point out,

"right Ladies and Gents,now I am here you are all going to have to do what I say, whether you like it or not,any problems ?

TOUGH,the new rule is bacon buttys all round,beer and porn for the masses,kinky shorts for the girls and a clean shave for the lads".

"We are going to make being a big girl legal,and let Women drive,hows that for starters"

"what that you say, NO,oh sorry mate,but it contravenes my Human Rights if you don't, so jump to it,you'll thank me later".

E-mail Tony blair

June 6, 2006 at 6:15 pm | Posted in National Governments, personal opinion, Politics, Scottish Raj | Leave a comment

For all the times he says England doesn't exist Email Tony

139 not out,oh dear !

May 21, 2006 at 8:30 pm | Posted in England, Equal opportunities, Humour (English), personal opinion | Leave a comment

You beauty,I bet Joseph Harkers bottom wishes it had never been born.

WHAT A SHAME,better get my cane from the cupboard,it's smack time.

That's what you get for being a big fat middle aged van driving hypocritical Black racist,who's scared of flags,except Brazil of course,boo hoo.

Austria’s Women’s Minister goes on Man hate crusade

May 9, 2006 at 4:23 pm | Posted in Equal opportunities, general, personal opinion | Leave a comment

Austria's national anthem is sexist and must be revised, the country's right wing women's minister has declared.

According to a wacked out feminist,- Austria’s Minister for Women Maria Rauch-Kallat objects to the anthem's description of Austria as a "fatherland" which is home to "great sons". She proposes several changes.

And according to she wants men purged from national anthems.

IN A move that spells trouble for half of Europe’s national anthems, Austria’s Minister for Women’s Affairs has demanded wholesale changes to her country’s paean to purge it of sexist references.

Mentions of the “fatherland”, “great sons” and “brotherly choruses” should be replaced by gender-neutral terms such as “homeland” and “joyful chorus”, said Maria Rauch-Kallat, whose quest stands a fair chance of success.

Austria's National Anthem was written BY A WOMEN.
So some mouthpiece for dotty ideas is crying about gender specific phrases and ideology!.

So miss Hitler how about those ever so not sexist terms and phrases that are Women centred ?.
Examples such as Motherland, Mother Earth, calling vehicles and boats she and her, The oh so not sexist Women’s institute, Women’s hour on the radio, Women’s Ministers where there is no Male equivalent, Women only library time, Women only swimming lessons, Women only Gym’s, Women only insurance,terms such as the Sisterhood,

So Women are so hard done by,DON’T THINK SO LUV !.

Wake up and smell the inequality against MEN

Calling all Ex Blogger users on WordPress

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This is a friendly Hi there to those of you who used to use Blogger and have now as I have moved to WordPress.

The reason for this post is just to gauge feelings amongst those,mostly of Blogger but to any persons from other blog platforms who now reside at WordPress,as to the satisfaction level of, and ease of use and general features of WordPress against other platforms,not just Blogger but others too.

I stopped using Blogger about a month ago because it was all going nuts with mass technical dramas and was very slow downloading pictures and just a pain in general,forever having to fiddle with HTML for the slightest things.

I find WordPress way nicer to use the writing and posting part doesn't have my computer throwing a fit like it did on Blogger,the only problem I seem to have is things like changing font size,which I've just stopped bothering about!,and the ever popular inability to use pictures in any kind of meaningful way ?.

Now with this unexpected sudden meltdown yesterday I am a bit unsure as to what to think,I left Blogger due to technical probs,now it's here too ? .


A Witanagemot Group Plug

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I am aiming this post largely at the overseas blogger,due to the majority of English bloggers knowing all about it already.

The Witanagemot Club is an ever expanding group of English people fighting to recover our Country from the scourge of the British Raj (aka Scotland & Wales).

For those of you from America,kicking out hoards of Tony Blairs isn't new,mad Scots land grabbing and forcing you to do what they want and taxing you to death,but in England it's just beginning to boil.

For a full dose of the independence spirit Click on my info links.




A thankyou to the boffins at Witanagemot for sorting out my feed

The English cause is not in isolation,but needs YOUR SUPPORT,to read more about Englands struggle for existance,further info can be got via the Campaign for an English Parliament website

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