To poop or not to poop,that is the question?

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No I am not making this up….according to The Brussels Journal,a Manchester Housing Assoc,is building Houses exclusively for Muslim use!!!!!,because-

“as one of the residents says, “We’re all Muslims here so yes, it is important [to live exclusively among Muslims]. For myself I’m not really too bothered but to a lot of the Muslim people, yes it is important to them and yes it is a very good idea.”

Even the BBC go all Muslim cheerleader on us.

Are they serious,I’d like to see how an exclusively NON Muslim building project got on.

Whatever next,exclusive,White Christian here,Afro Caribbean Christians there,Mormons here,this kind of ridiculous pandering to foreigners is not the answer,it is a symptom of the problem,they should be integrating with US, not getting their butts kissed for special treatment,who the hell cares which way round the loo is,they should just be damn glad there is one for crying out loud.


Here we go,yeah,yeah,whatever you say

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Yes so the World Cup is coming and everybody knows it,so,whats the problem ?

The usual crappy two line news items about blinkered anti English councils fill up valuable news space AGAIN

Local Government bodies who waste tax payers money trying to make us pretend we don’t live in England make me sick.

Womens Minister is blatant sexism

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Following her first full day as Minister for Women and Equality, Ms Kelly said

“I will fight discrimination, whether it be on the grounds of race, gender, disability or sexual orientation.”

So it would appear that Ms Kelly has a fight on her hands straight away and the big bad girl in all this- The British Government

Why ?
The very existence of a Minister for Women is sexist by nature. It assumes that all discrimination is against women.
Anyone who has dealings with the family courts, or is wrongly accused of a sex crime will tell you the hell that many men have to go through. For these men, the existence of a Minister of Women is an insult to justice.
If there is going to be any sort of minister, it should be called Minister for Gender, and it should allow a man to fill the slot.

A Minister for Equality that is gender specific giving open preference to Women is a contradiction of Equality,so where are Men in all this ?,where is our Minister for Men and Equality ?,because as yet WE don't have one,to include a institutional bias from the get go for Women undermines and utterly renders this double standard VOID,a concept that in theory is gender neutral and is for the betterment OF ALL irrespective of gender should not have any reference to a specific gender,that is what equality is- being blind to difference.

The BBC had an item on this some time ago on Radio 4 you can hear it HERE

The London Underground Bend Over and Take a Good One

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I've been good,I've been very very good,all those Drama Queen Muslim stories I've Ignored because there are so many of them,wa,wa,wa,I want to maim and kill,but I want my Human Rights too routine is BORING to the core,but I'm weakening, Muslim overload,one too many stories OH GOODNESS.

Yes ok….overkill perhaps,but living in the Midlands,tripping over whiney Muslims is an everyday event.

Today according to the BBC The London Underground has refused to display promotional material for a new TV show incase it offends Muslims.(yawn)


Oh dear, the poor things will all need a sit down with a hot milky cocoa after seeing that,it's such a hard life being part of such a humane religion,just a quick pat on the head and a "there,there is that better now"

Such a shame no one cares enough not to insult the English,but then-we don't blow shit up.

We Have Been Busy Bunnies

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So the Sun never sets on the Lerf Empire,and now with a new WordPress home comes another box ticked,the joining of The Witanagemot Club

The Witanagemot Club Link

The members of this excellent endeavour are all normal people who
believe passionately in equal rights for the English in all things,be

The formation of an English National Parliament
To enable the English to decide the fate of our own Country in exactly the same way as Scotland,and to a lesser extent,Wales and NI do already,rather than BE TOLD what we are getting by Scottish and Welsh MP's who have no business having an opinion on English matters.

for example

1 Foundation Hospitals

2 Tuition Fees

3 The partial Smoking Ban

4 The Recent Education Bill

5 Nurses in Schools having crazy powers to give rubbers to under age children like that's ok ?

All these things affect England only and were voted in by MP's from Scotland who's constituents were not affected in any way ?.

Other important issues such as the basic right to fly the English National Flag in public in England is needed to be in line with the rest of the World basically as currently the English DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT
!! to fly the St George in Public in England,(although we managed
fantastically in Australia), unlike any Scot or Welsh person who can
fly the Saltaire or Dragon wherever they like.

The need for England to have our own National Anthem

Currently we don't have one and are forced to play GSTQ or LOHAG at sporting
events,neither are songs about England,unlike Scotland and Wales who
have their own anthems,England does not and is in need of the powers that be to
grasp that Jerusalem is the one most people want for England.

A written English Constitution,and a recognised English Identity
within the wider Britain

again merely to bring us in line with everyone

And things you would never think about such as actually
being able to buy English food in Super markets,which is alot harder
than you may think !!.

There are numerous examples of
inequality the English suffer everyday,far too many to catelogue now,
but the Witanagemot Club is a very positive force in the fight for
equal rights and equality for you and me and England as a whole.


The Mosquito Gets Squashed

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According to Sky News,the new device that keeps yobs at bay by emitting a high frequency sound that is more or less only audible to under 20’s due to it’s sound frequency is being taken down due to Human Rights ?.

Since being fitted outside a store in Newport South Wales,yobbish behaviour has dropped by 84% (whoopee)
But the sad dimwits at the Newport City Council want it removed due to Health and Safety and Human Rights issues? WHAT !!!.

So who’s Human Rights are they protecting ?

The store owners,so they don’t have to be ringing 999 20 times a day?

The customers and local residence,so they can live a good life without fear and intimidation ?

Obviously not,so if it’s not the rights of the lawful populus then who ?


How silly of me not to realise,I should of known, normal people get s**t on by default,so much for the Police.

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