Yasmin Alibhai-Brown,ignorance is bliss

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Yasmin Alibhai-Brown,is a Women who possesses a level of ignorance, which transcends any level of stupidity previously known to Human kind.

With her medal winning way of insulting the indigenous populous, bare faced racism, and an open lack of understanding of both the Country she is so proud of pissing off, and it would appear, the crushing evidence of World history and current events.

She has again glossed over the Hellish reality that is Muslim Terrorists in their millions Worldwide, and the sea of blood, and bodies that follow them, with this, boo hoo, wah, wah, crying piece of future toilet paper.

Can anyone say, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil!!

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: “Stop this obsessive focus on Muslims

Talk about denial. She says

“What drives this relentless digging into our thoughts and desires, hopes and fears?”

Hey free World can anybody think of a reason why?

Perhaps 9/11 or 7/7,the Madrid bombings, the kidnappings, the open terror threats on the nightly news, shall I go on?

Hellish stories that only arrive with the word MUSLIM front and centre are quite literally a daily diet.

One only has to look at the news media HERE to see a fear drenched display of global terrorism and human rights violations of which many people in the World know little or nothing about.

Immediate examples of her sacred religion and it’s peaceful ways can be seen HERE regarding Muslim refusal to integrate with the wider society,or HERE,where a western Women is hounded by Muslims,or again and again and again,on and on examples of blood crime,death,rape,bombs.

Plus the obvious case,certainly in England,that we are surrounded,like sharks,by Muslims foaming at the mouth for an excuse to kill and Mame

I cannot fathom as to how Yasmin Alibhai-Brown can cry and say Muslims blow shit up because it’s OUR FAULT……?


So can anybody else point out to the Crown Princess of putting ones head in the sand and fingers in the ears going la,la,la,la,I no speaka da lingo,

Every word she says in support of terror is blood on her hands,so what does drive this relentless digging into our thoughts and desires, hopes and fears?”

Let’s all say it together shall we….MUSLIM TERRORISTS,

All Religions have issues but Islam is full to bursting with fruitcakes,Yasmin Alibhai-Brown,needs to smell what she is shovelling.

I dare say that if living in the free World is so crap,perhaps she might feel the need to relocate.


Welsh playgroup joins the SS

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Spraying discrimination around like it was a good thing,a playgroup in Wales has caused a stink because it only allows Welsh speaking children.

A 10-year-old girl was sent home from a summer holiday play scheme – because she couldn’t speak Welsh.

Little Abigail Thorington arrived for her first day at a council-run holiday club near her Bridgend home yesterday, only to be told she wouldn’t be allowed back because she wasn’t a Welsh speaker.

There’s lovely.

Her mother Anna, 30, whose daughter Abigail is a Welsh learner, said: ‘I’m outraged.

‘The last time I checked we lived in Great Britain where you can speak whatever language you like.’

There is NO WAY IN HELL,an English playgroup would even dare in their wildest nightmares to ban a child for not speaking English,the shit storm it would bring would be of biblical proportions.

Mel Gibson’s big mouth flushes his career

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English hater Mel Gibson has pooped his career away big time with a well chosen set of words.

Read what they are saying

Lets all just be grateful that the Religion in question doesn’t go around blowing shit up for the slightest thing(phew),thank God he didn’t use the “M” word.

Business as usual

July 4, 2006 at 8:27 am | Posted in England, Football, Racism, Scotland, Sport, World Cup | Leave a comment

It’s all coming out in the wash now,the cloak of eternal victim has well and truly been torn from the Scottish public face.

Whilst we in England have always known the evil that lurks within,it would appear the media are finally grasping the metal to expose the venomous Scottish psychological condition.

Yet again according to the BBC another English person was been set upon in SCOTLAND, simply for being English.



Two sides of the same coin

June 21, 2006 at 7:19 pm | Posted in England, Equal opportunities, police, Politics, Racism, Scotland, Sport, st George, World Cup | Leave a comment

So,like Mystic Meg on a good day, this lifting of the vail from the face of Scotland's bigotry was reported just two days ago HERE,the vicious and unprovoked attacks on the English,or at least the reported ones,have exposed Scotland's fangs,and just reinforced the general view of the thinking English, that your average Scot is a bitter thug,just waiting for an excuse to hit out,to try and lighten the load of that chip that many carry like Jacob Marley,dragging his chains.

Prime Minister Tony Blair(SCOT) has condemned attacks on a seven-year-old boy and 41-year-old man who were wearing England shirts in Scotland.

This News item shocked me when I returned from work,the individuals involved are the lowest kind,READ IT HERE.

Idiots-any idiots whether Scottish or not cannot seriously consider this behaviour as anything other than cowardly,moronic,pathetic and childish.

"it didn't take long for the verbal abuse to start.

"Get back to where you come from, you Sassenach,"(English person)

"I was stunned when a lone pensioner walked towards me and waited until he was level before muttering "English bastard" in my ear".

This childish hitting out at a perceived enemy is also highlighted HERE,with a blatant case of Flag burning.

Sadly this anti English racism is an ever more visible trend,not just in Scotland but also in Wales.

So much for the media stereotype that the English are the problem,in this World we have the two sides of the same coin reflecting back at each other.

In England itself we have to be very aware that we live amongst many Nationalities,not just English,and as such largely get on with whomever,beating someone up for wearing a Scotland shirt is unthinkable,plus the guy would probably be English anyway,it is just not going to happen,we see so many different team colours all year round you take little notice.

This however is not the case in Scotland,which is still largely untouched by mass immigration and as such is still largely a monoculture of whites who identify strongly with just THEIR CULTURE and object to seeing anything else bar Scottishness,so where as a Scot can live anonymously in England,an English person in Scotland paints a target on their head,saying "I'm different come get me"

The Saltaire they have to bear

June 19, 2006 at 10:00 pm | Posted in England, Racism, Scotland | Leave a comment

You have these bad ideas about people,mostly you just assume that it's an over reaction,but according to The England Project,perhaps those stereotype ideas are nearer the mark than first thought.

Reported in the Scotsman,a Scottish reporter went out in an England shirt to test just how racist his fellow Scots were,and the results NOT GOOD,I certainly wouldn't want to be caught out late at night in Scotland,I wouldn't get out alive.

This angry attitude is in stark contrast the moment you cross the border in to multicultural England,in England it is an everyday event to see people wearing clothing from many places,whether the footie is on or not,coming across someone wearing Scotland,Wales,or Ireland gear is commonplace,and in the Midlands Indian and Pakistan cricket tops are everywhere,yet they produce not one flutter of antagonism,Brazil,Argentina,Italy tops are very common near me just now,whilst I wouldn't wear one myself,we (the English population)Would never dream of behaving in a manor shown by our northern cousins.

If the rather unhelpful boney finger of racism is to be stretched out I recommend it takes a trip to Scotland where it would appear there is work to be done.

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