Scotland Office Minister does the double standards waltz

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I caught the daily politics show today and was damn pleased I did,as it showed in broad HD quality, just how blind to their own racism the Scottish Government in Westminster and their own Scotland Office is,towards the English in all walks of life.

The main evil mad scientist,they laid on,was some bigoted flatulent old fool called David Cairns,who mouthed some odious Nazi hogwash,on how there was no problem whatsoever with the English being s**t on from afar via lovely fluffy kind to animals discrimination in the form of The West Lothian Question

His blind insistence to plough ahead with this dross clearly showed that when the classes in Equal opportunities were held he was pulling a sickie watching Scotland lose something.

If you would like to view the whole programme,do so HERE,the main item is about 20 minutes in.

The walking talking toilet David Cairns works in the Scotland Office,which represent Scotland’s interests at Westminster.

How nice is that then,that Scotland not only has two Parliaments,one in Holyrood and the other in Westminster,but they also have an office looking after them too,they must need a lot of hand holding done,poor things.

Wales has an office too,based in Whitehall, the Secretary of State for Wales is the key Government figure liaising with the devolved administration in Wales and represents Wales' interests in the Cabinet and in Parliament,more hand holding here too.

Northern Ireland also has an office.

The NIO has responsibility for Northern Ireland’s constitutional and security issues, in particular, law and order, political affairs, policing and criminal justice.

All these offices and their own Parliaments,just for them,can anybody out there take a wild stab in the dark as to what Country has none of these ?,NO Parliament, NO office caring about it's own Countries citizens,go on,come on guess,you know you want to……. yes yes you are correct ENGLAND HAS NONE OF THESE WE ARE STATELESS.

Following the first elections to the newly created Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly, Northern Ireland Assembly, England was left as the only Nation in the United Kingdom with no separate representative bodys.

So to the solution, and that is an English National Parliament,with full powers mirroring Scotland,nothing else will bring about the required social change and equalise rights of existence and culture.

To bring this about we require.

English Devolution

The creation of a Devolved English parliament, with full legislative powers, akin to the Scottish Parliament is seen by some as a solution to this problem, with full legislative powers also being conferred on the existing Welsh Assembly. The Westminster (United Kingdom) Parliament would continue to meet and legislate on matters of UK-wide competence such as Defence, Foreign Affairs and economic matters with the parliaments of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland legislating locally.


Not a day goes by that-

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Another Day another dollar,although in my case,another Pound,24 little hours in the day and it would seem Tonys Scottish Raj spend most of that time dreaming up new and exiting ways to pigeon hole only English people.

Todays indoctrination from above concerns children of a certain size,now according to the BBC

Tests to see if children aged four and 10 are overweight are being introduced in schools.

The Department of Health has opted to go ahead with the tests, despite opponents saying it could lead to overweight children being bullied.

Pupils in England will be weighed and measured as they start primary school and again before they leave.

You will see as every English person in the land has already grasped,that this DO IT NOW OR ELSE new way of doing things is being brought in by BRITAIN but only affects England !!,not Britain as a whole,so leaving Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland free to cater to their children without (as usual) Raj interference.

I saw this story first thing and it was so hopelessly transparent that this nonsense would only be tried on people who couldn't say NO,as England is a helpless prisoner of Scotland and Wales,I didn't even have to watch the news to basically know all about it already.

Are we saying children of a certain size don't exist in Scotland or Wales,I wonder ?.

The Dictatorship says jump

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Oh lordy lordy,So BRITAIN wants children to have better School meals,but Boys and Girls can you look through the round window and guess where this only applies,go on close your eyes turn round three times and make a guess,now don't tell me,I am a magician and can read minds,was the answer ENGLAND ONLY ?,it was hooray ! your sooo clever,have a lolly on me.

Yes indeed The British Government want to stick their noses into the lives of not British kids,but those ONLY IN ENGLAND,what an F-ing surprise,leaving Scottish,Welsh and Irish kids to get on with their schooling.

According to the BBC
UK Education Secretary Alan Johnson has published nutrition guidelines banning meals high in salt and fat.

He goes on to say

"The health of our young people is not an area for compromise"

OUR Young people,who exactly is our young people ?

As Alan Johnson is a UK Education Secretary is there a magical mystery tour we need to go on to find out why he- as a UK Minister IS NOT IN CHARGE OF THE UK EDUCATION SYSTEM ?.

Save your bus fare,because I can reveal that as a UK cronie he can only tell England what to do,the other UK Countries of North Britain,West Britain,and Northern Ireland,have devolution and as such run their own Education schemes without Raj interference.


The number of obese or overweight children in Britain aged between two and 15 has risen to about 30% in recent years.

Britains children ?,I'm sorry I seem to of landed on the stupid planet,what have Britains children got to do with England ? or him ? as he doesn't control Britains children just England,DOH!!
Plans elsewhere in the UK
The School Meals Review Panel first outlined its recommendations last autumn, following Mr Oliver's campaign.

The Scottish Executive is also planning to ban junk food from schools and to create a law encouraging more pupils to eat school meals.

In Wales, a working group on nutritional standards is due to publish a report next month.

A Welsh assembly government spokeswoman said it would use its powers "to take junk food out of our schools".

Northern Ireland's education department has put out proposals for public consultation.

I'm flushed with pride that England is the only Country in Europe STILL 100% under the control of an ex colonial dictatorship,who's influence now is so low the English are their last chance at mass victimisation,oh joy is me to know we are the s**t on Scotlands jack boot.

Geographical wind of amnesia set to cause trouble

May 15, 2006 at 3:15 pm | Posted in Devolution, England, Schools, Scottish Raj | 2 Comments

God I’m not in a very charitable mood as my computer is crap and causing grief,but me thinks those oh so caring sharing PC zealots who wrap those ever so special someone someone groups up in a veil of unnecessary “it’s ok you don’t have to really live here, just pretend” mumbo jumbo are at it again,but for some inexplicable reason,they have tripped over their globe,bumped their heads and come up wanting AGAIN,now 2+2 doesn’t equal 4 anymore it equals whatever you like just as long as your ok with it !.


Well according to the BBC and other news media

British values classes considered

The British government is to review whether “core British values” should become a compulsory part of the curriculum for all 11 to 16-year-olds in England.

So The British Government and by British just read defacto Scottish Southern Government

want to teach British values (whatever that means)to kids not in Britain as you might logically assume would be the logical venue, but NO,it would appear the Manga machine has touched upon the Raj like a sweet smelling breeze and erased their World geography,the mysteries of the existence of an alternate reality step out from Dr Who and land here IN ENGLAND.

Yes Boy,Girls and other,the British Government only want to fill the heads of English kids with their brainwashing filth,how wonderfully selective of them to pick only English kids,do Scottish,Welsh and Northern Irish kids not deserve their preferential treatment too or are they Sooo wonderfully British already we English need to catch up with the Rajistan know it alls,I wonder ?

Can anyone explain why it is that Scotland run Britain and their own Country,and repeatedly and arbitrarily just say “right England is to be brainwashed with our new and improved list of B****hit mind control claptrap” which is just another way of imprisonment without walls,yet our glorious Celtic blonde blue eyed pure breeds can run free and have their own opinions,oh right so that’s it then an old War time policy for Tony’s Scottish Reich,no Britishness tests for them then.

So we have a paradox,that is Britishness classes but NOT IN BRITAIN,

If the Raj refuse to educate their own kids with their version of (Culture) cough, cough, splutter,

why in Gods name should English kids be forced to down this pill alone ?

If Scottish kids get Scottish culture,Welsh kids get Welsh culture and Irish kids,Irish Culture,when did logic get flushed away to stop English kids getting English culture?

This is unadulerated selective discrimination of the most transparent kind

This is not democracy this is dictatorship,pure and simple.

I was there

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Having had a spanking time in Copenhagen,I cannot say enough of how much I liked the place.

When on holiday you and I from time to time witness news events unfold by accident without actually knowing fully what it's about !.

So tonight after reading the Jyllands-Posten article about the student protests I saw,I was pleased to say I SAW THAT I WAS THERE,WHOOPPEE

copenhagen student protest 2.JPG

I knew it was about some exam thing or other but now I know,a little eye witness news.

copenhagen student protest 3.JPG

Friends Reunited

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The Friends Reunited website

I kind of knew about this site before but have never really bothered with it,but a chance conversation yesterday got me thinking ?

I wonder if so and so is listed ?

So we looked,and they were,I am kind of sad and annoyed and happy and sort of ?

Good memories,bad ones,ones you'd like to forget,and glad that you've forgot plenty too.

So I put myself on there as you do,and I dare say that in 6 months when I check back there no one would of seen my profile,but I know it's there.

Tuition Fees

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Students in England know all about them,WHY ?

Because YOU pay for Scottish,Welsh and anybody else for that matter to have FREE EDUCATION

English students bankroll everyone else FACT

Are you seriously happy that you get ripped of by the Raj yet your mate Jock,gets a free ride all courtesy of YOU



English students have a duty to themselves and future English students to get tuition fees scrapped.

We Have Been Busy Bunnies

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So the Sun never sets on the Lerf Empire,and now with a new WordPress home comes another box ticked,the joining of The Witanagemot Club

The Witanagemot Club Link

The members of this excellent endeavour are all normal people who
believe passionately in equal rights for the English in all things,be

The formation of an English National Parliament
To enable the English to decide the fate of our own Country in exactly the same way as Scotland,and to a lesser extent,Wales and NI do already,rather than BE TOLD what we are getting by Scottish and Welsh MP's who have no business having an opinion on English matters.

for example

1 Foundation Hospitals

2 Tuition Fees

3 The partial Smoking Ban

4 The Recent Education Bill

5 Nurses in Schools having crazy powers to give rubbers to under age children like that's ok ?

All these things affect England only and were voted in by MP's from Scotland who's constituents were not affected in any way ?.

Other important issues such as the basic right to fly the English National Flag in public in England is needed to be in line with the rest of the World basically as currently the English DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT
!! to fly the St George in Public in England,(although we managed
fantastically in Australia), unlike any Scot or Welsh person who can
fly the Saltaire or Dragon wherever they like.

The need for England to have our own National Anthem

Currently we don't have one and are forced to play GSTQ or LOHAG at sporting
events,neither are songs about England,unlike Scotland and Wales who
have their own anthems,England does not and is in need of the powers that be to
grasp that Jerusalem is the one most people want for England.

A written English Constitution,and a recognised English Identity
within the wider Britain

again merely to bring us in line with everyone

And things you would never think about such as actually
being able to buy English food in Super markets,which is alot harder
than you may think !!.

There are numerous examples of
inequality the English suffer everyday,far too many to catelogue now,
but the Witanagemot Club is a very positive force in the fight for
equal rights and equality for you and me and England as a whole.


School System Crash Lands in the Twilight Zone

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Today a sad damning example of the deterioration of responsibility of Parents and the staggering lack of any kind of self control by today’s young kids.


Every school in England will have a nurse who can arrange secret abortions and hand out contraception, it emerged yesterday.

New guidelines will allow them to help pupils get the morning-after pill, pregnancy tests and terminations without their parents’ knowledge.

Family campaigners condemned the controversial guidance from the Department for Education and the Department of Health as “disgraceful”.

By 2010, every primary care trust Hospitals will be funded to have at least one full-time qualified nurse working with each small group of state primary schools and their local secondary.


This kind of story makes me really mad, so what are the Raj backstabbers proposing (only for England) of course, kids in Wales, Scotland and NI must be able to keep their legs crossed, it would seem, kids there clearly aren’t at it in the toilets like the stupid unwashed English kids obviously.

The plans were unveiled a day after Gordon Brown’s Budget slashed tax on condoms and other contraceptive products such as the morning-after pill as part of a drive to improve sexual health.

 so here we are again, a Scottish Politician making rules just for England that don’t affect his own Country, “oh how I am shocked”, does that mean contraceptive products are only cheap and cheerful in England I wonder ?

Mother-of-five Sue Axon, who recently lost her High Court battle to overturn government policy which allows girls under 16 to terminate a pregnancy without their parents’ knowledge, condemned the new guidance.

She said: “This is undermining the role of parents. I believe this will encourage children to have under-age sex.

Jack Scarisbrick, chairman of the charity Life, said: “The Government is relentlessly pressuring young people to be even more sexually active. There are some school nurses who are not allowed to give out aspirin or put plasters on children without their parents’ permission.

“But they can whisk a young girl off for an abortion without her parents’ knowledge. This condones if not encourages promiscuity and sexual activity.”

So is this scaremongering ? well I’m bloody scared, scared that kids in England are being handed condoms like sweets and being given the green light to commit an illegal act by the Raj, ie it’s ok to have sex under 16,NO IT IS NOT OK.

For God sake when I was at School we never had any of this, the only Nurse any of us saw was the nit nurse, the strongest advise we got was there, there is it better now ?.

We never went anywhere near sex education until I was in my late teens and no one in the right mind would of dreamed of showering kiddies with rubbers and expected us to do more than make big balloons out of them.

The Raj is encouraging kids to think about and act on thoughts and concepts that they are way too young to understand and their bodies barely out of baby fat,with hormones going 1000 miles an hour,yet only in England WHY ?

I’ve said it already don’t kids in Scotland, Wales and NI deserve to have their lives ruined by Politicians ?,why are English children the only test bed for the stagnation of society and the promotion of free for all sex parties care of Tony’s Cronies.

This early sexualisation of children is worrying because some may become targets for types no parent would want due to behaviour deemed acceptable by Government but unacceptable by  the rule of law.


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