Media support UK Governments big fat lie!!

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Today the media are all backing up the UK Governments new thing that BRITAIN,and of course my dear Boys and Girls,the more with it amongst you will know the UK aka BRITAIN comprises Scotland,N Ireland,Wales,and even England.

So anyway the UK Governments NEW THING is the prospect of a UK Border Patrol Force.


Sky News say

Britain’s ports and airports are to be patrolled by uniformed border-control officers in the latest move to tackle the UK’s illegal immigrants.

The BBC say

A uniformed border-control force is to be introduced at ports and airports for the first time in the UK

So why is there a problem?

The proposal for the Border Patrol comes from the UK Government Home Office,problem being,that this office does not deal with UK issues,only those of England and Wales NOT BRITAIN,so there will be no UK Border Patrol Force,only one in England and Wales.

Furthermore to the open absurdity of this policy which pulls the wool over the eyes of the average voter,it does so with the skill of a card sharp,misdirecting the eye elsewhere.

Stabbing the knife of dictatorship ever deeper in to England,is the fact that the UK’s Home Office is run by our favourite foreigner aka SCOTTISH attack dog John Reid,this man is in charge of an office for Countries he is neither born in or resident of,he is unelected and unaccountable to the people of England or Wales,yet he makes rules for us, talks at length in the UK Parliament about them,YET his own Country of Scotland and all his constituentsback home are not affected in any way whatsoever,by any word he says.

The omnipotent Mr Reid can say or do ANYTHING HE LIKES,and we can do nothing about it,if he came to work dressed as a Chicken,smoking pot and walking arm in arm with a call girl,we in England couldn’t get rid of him because HE’S SCOTTISH,and therefore UNTOUCHABLE!!!.

When John Reid goes back home to Scotland he has NO POWER,there will be no border patrol,no guards no nothing,he can go to sleep at night knowing that however much he S**ts on England,or Wales he never has to smell it, or clear it up back home in good old Scotland. 


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