Pop the bubbly

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Given recent events,I think we can now allow ourselves a little smile


Let's join Kool and the gang to PARTY DOWN

Celebrate good times come on!!


Murray needs a lesson in diplomacy

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After my own thoughts on the matter, I was pleased to catch an article in the Daily Express today which shows that I am not alone in my stance.

Leo Mckinstry today had a few points that I have already posted on plus many I agree with,such as.

The sadness is that,after decades of frustration,our hopes should be borne by such an unedifying,immature and unpatriotic figure,who has as big a talent for alienating his natural supporters as for match winners”.

“Murray has proved to be a petulant often miserable youth,indulging in foul mouthed tantrums on the court and anti english diatribes off it”.

“In the run up to Wimbledon,Murray caused a storm by expressing his contempt for the England football team,saying he hoped they were dumped out of the World Cup,and expressed his solidarity with England’s World Cup opponents”.

It is next to impossible to really sympathise with Murray with the way he continually bites the hand that feeds him, ie English tax money.

My natural instinct is to be quite lenient,then you read more about the unfortunate things he has said,and ones good will starts to be strained,I am trying not to feel guilty about disliking him, but he does keep on saying and doing the wrong thing for all of England to see like a red rag to a Bull.

If you come to England to play tennis in England at the All England Club,in front of many thousand English fans both in and out of court,then proceed to brazenly happy slap the English Nation for all to see, then the individual in question is either, a racist,a twat, or a fool,all be it a young one.



Whilst I will not condone excessive personal attacks on Murray, he is an individual who is extremely difficult to like under any circumstances.


A backlash own goal

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Having already posted on my genuine displeasure at the way so called English people have viciously attacked the tennis player Andy Murray for being a product of Scottish brainwashing,I must now publicly disassociate myself from any comments made by individuals claiming to be English on his blog as they have gone so far over the line.

According to Toque the media are all a flap about it, The Scotsman, The BBC,The Herald,The Daily Record,all saying the same things.

It makes me mad that England can take two steps forward as a Country,only to be pushed back one big step by a mentality that one had hoped was on the decline on both sides of the border,WE both England and Scotland need to step back from each other.

Andy Murray must take full responsibility for his actions in future,wearing Scottish colours whilst representing Great Britain WAS REALLY STUPID,and I was not impressed when I saw it,BUT that is as far as it goes,writing that he is a (something something) on my blog is OK,bitching at him in person,saying things that are simply MAD and grotesque is not.

May I suggest to his website people that having unmonitored comments is NUTS.

The moral high ground

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STOP just STOP right now with this wa wa wa,you silly little burk.

Andy Murray is young and stupid,having grown up in a Country who spend all their time disliking England as a hobby, of course he will be supporting everyone but England,that’s a Scots job description,we in England are by no means forced to support Scotland or Wales ourselves,so to bang on about how he should be forced to support England is plainly blinkered and false.

I believe his issue right now is that as an athlete who represents Great Britainnot Scotland at tennis,his personal opinion should of been kept quiet,he is perfectly entitled to have whatever opinion he likes as long as he keeps it under his hat,to publicly air his (what ever you want to call it)opinion on this problematic subject has just been an example of poor management and personal judgement on his part.


WE in England must not give up the moral ground, according to my Oxford Dictionary,the definition of MORAL is

1 concerned with the principles of right or wrong behaviour.

2 following accepted standards of behaviour.

Moral,Morals,Morality,you cannot abuse someones right to an opinion just because you don’t agree in THIS WAY,to do so you undermine the high ground England had,and make Andy Murray a martyr for the dick heads who will exploit extreamists on both sides.

WE IN ENGLAND,should show we are better than this and stop this bear baiting exercise,those who put vile unhelpful comments on the kids website do everyone in England a disservice,England is a bigger and better place now,and we should show that by,just forgetting about him,WHO CARES WHAT THE LAD THINKS!!,are we saying that this abusive onslaught is valid,or either a reflection of the principles of right or wrong behaviour ?,and is it following accepted standards of behaviour ?


So he’s Scottish,so he is a bit naive,so he’s got crap management,do not damage England’s reputation over a kid,he isn’t worth it.

Andy Murray scores own goal

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Poor poor lad,whoever it was who convinced him to present his bottom to an onslaught of uncensored comments needs a little talking to.

If you want to witness for yourself this train wreck in slowmo,you can HERE

Whilst I would not lose any sleep seeing him roundly beaten 6-0 6-0 6-0,I would have to say that the kid is still young and stupid,so perhaps doesn’t warrant such “ahum,cough” comments.

THE reason to watch tennis

June 26, 2006 at 7:46 pm | Posted in England, Maria Sharapova, Sport, Tennis | Leave a comment

Maria Sharapova

Nothing more needs to be said!! 

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