Closing down sale

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After recent encounters with individuals,and comments which I have had quite enough of thankyou,I am closing this down.

Whilst I will still support the English Parliament movement,I do not feel that I can give it all the time it needs blog wise.



Calling all Ex Blogger users on WordPress

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This is a friendly Hi there to those of you who used to use Blogger and have now as I have moved to WordPress.

The reason for this post is just to gauge feelings amongst those,mostly of Blogger but to any persons from other blog platforms who now reside at WordPress,as to the satisfaction level of, and ease of use and general features of WordPress against other platforms,not just Blogger but others too.

I stopped using Blogger about a month ago because it was all going nuts with mass technical dramas and was very slow downloading pictures and just a pain in general,forever having to fiddle with HTML for the slightest things.

I find WordPress way nicer to use the writing and posting part doesn't have my computer throwing a fit like it did on Blogger,the only problem I seem to have is things like changing font size,which I've just stopped bothering about!,and the ever popular inability to use pictures in any kind of meaningful way ?.

Now with this unexpected sudden meltdown yesterday I am a bit unsure as to what to think,I left Blogger due to technical probs,now it's here too ? .


Unsolved Mysteries are on the Case

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I had thought about this on and off for a while but never really got round to it as I have posted on this before.


but reading a fellow blogger Waking Hereward tonight raving about it got my juices up.

I'm a cynic by nature and the mysteries of existence are a Sci Fi channel midnight feast.

So to my Scooby Doo script-the one I prepared earlier ,as all good BP stories go!!

ENGLISH MEAT- fact or fiction,was the Alien Autopsy really a cover up about the existence of English Meat ?.

Was Roswell the crash site of a lorry carrying meat with an English St George flag on it ?

Is area 51 the only place in the World that an English Cow can be found ?

Does Elvira know the truth about meat not from Scotland,Wales,UK or Ireland,the mystery deepens ?

One reported sighting on a website in a domain far far away is EBLEXThe English Beef and Lamb Executive

On Eblex the mysteries of existence are explained in plain English about how Meat can only be called English if it's from England- so a no brainer there.

There are also some very funny ads to watch openly promoting English-not UK,English Meat

See Beefy and Lamby

Beefy and Lamby even have a bit on St George

So why is it that EBLEX would appear at least within the confines of their own website to really kick ass,but in reality their public profile is next to nil,no one knows about them,why ?

In the ads the English flag is pushed right up close to the viewer so there is NO mistaking the flag-yes England,so with such a cool bit of advertising,why is it still next to impossible to actually buy EBLEX meat ?

If it's so great where does it all go-can Scooby find it?-only for a Scooby snack !!

I have looked everywhere for EBLEX meat and have found exactly Zero,the only in store ads I have seem is for EBLEX's UK meat,so that's no good to me,I don't want Scottish meat thanks.

CAN ANYBODY IN ENGLAND PLEEEEASE find a genuine example of EBLEX english meat and let me know,because at this rate Nessie will be on the 6 o'clock news before this.


Cry Tesco and Let Slip the Dogs of War

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The Tesco butt F**king continues with the open admission that Tesco are one step away from being card carrying racists.

a fellow English Blogger Wonko has FULL CREDIT for this Post,I am merely reprinting it for your enjoyment.

Wonko writes

Just had this oh so familiar reply from Tesco …

Thank you for your email.

We do not place the English flag on "English" produce because we have what we term generic core lines.

As Tesco view Scotland & Wales as "Regions" for the purposes of merchandising and to ensure we give the customers in these areas exactly what they expect and want (i.e. Welsh & Scottish people have loyalty to their own products), we like them to know that the products they are purchasing are from their own areas/countries hence the reason for the flag.

As I am sure customers can appreciate, it is more difficult to do this because of the sheer size and complexity of areas in England.

We did several years ago have the St. George Flag on produce, however from customer feedback the Union Jack flag was more recognised therefore we decided to use this.

Where a Union Jack flag is on the packaging we are now adding the County.

I hope this information has reassured you and goes some way towards clarifying our position.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us at quoting TES1979747X.

Kind Regards

Laura Pollock
Tesco Customer Service

Sorry love, should have done some research yourself. I'm not your average punter griping about something and nor am I gulible enough to accept a shitty copy & pasted response and forget all about it.

Dear "Laura",

Please don't insult me with this copy & pasted standard response. I haven't contact you on a whim to complain – I did my research and spoke to other people who feel the same way. I have also now seen this same email word for word four times.

If you value me as a customer as much as you claim to why do you insult my intelligence with this claptrap?

Funny how England isn't too big to market as a single entity when you peddle England supporters kits during big football events like the World Cup. I gather you also plan to mark St Georges Day in store – will that be on a regional basis or England as a whole? Your explanation is absolute tosh and you know it.

England is a single nation, the only regions of England are those imposed by politicians who haven't lived in the real world that they wouldn't know how much a pint of milk costs or who Tracey Barlow is shacking up with on Coronation Street if their lives depended on it. It looks like the directors of Tesco need to come down from their ivory towers and start asking real people what they want.

Scotland is a nation of 5 million people, the indigenous population comprising two distinct genetic groups. How do you market things differently to Highland and Lowland Scots? They aren't just form a different part of Scotland, they are genetically different from each other. Do you market the Shetland Islands in the same way as, say, Glasgow? Surely they want different things being at opposite ends of the country and being completely different (culturally and genetically) from each other?

You say you changed the English flag to the British flag for English produce a few years ago – wasn't England too big to market then? To my knowledge it hasn't gotten any bigger recently. In fact, what with erosion of the coastlines it's a bit smaller now than it was this time last year. Have you had a look around to see what flags people have on their car number plates, flying from their homes, hanging from their rear view mirrors? Have you watched a football or rugby match in the last few years? When was the last time you saw an English person waving a Union Flag?

Your email and your attitude are a disgrace. I was offended before but I am doubly so now. I have shopped at Tesco for years and recommended it to friends and family. Not any more. My clubcard will be in the post in the next few days and to be frank, you can shove it where the sun doesn't shine (and I don't mean Finland).

From now on I will put off as many people from shopping at Tesco as I possibly can. Asda and Somerfield are evidently capable of marketing England as a single entity as they seem to manage to put the English flag on English produce. I'll take my custom to a supermarket that acknowledges the existence of my country and doesn't treat their customers with contempt.

Please feel free to send your own email to Tesco quoting the same reference number that they gave me and let them know that their pathetic attempt to fob us off isn't going to work.

Wow what can I say he really gave it to that idiot Women.

The Scots Cough Their Last

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So today the Scots start the long road to better health and quality of life.

Granted some will moan but you can bet in twelve months they will say
it's great,what a shame England has to wait,adding more headstones for
English families touched by cigarette smoke related cancers.

The Commonwealth Games Ends

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So today the Games have come to a close and England have kicked butt in the Medals table coming second.

medals table1.jpg

Click on the Medals Table Link to see how well England did.

Learning Curve

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So I have a few posts under my belt here at Word Press,and we are settling in nicely,but I’m not quite up to speed with the posting mechanics yet.

practice makes perfect,as the Bishop said to the Netball Team.

Englands old flag revisited

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So the White Dragon or The wyvern existed only in heraldry.
The Flag itself is a factual piece of English Heritage,
It is an ancient symbol associated with the old kings of Wessex. It is a two-legged, winged dragon with a barbed tail. “Wyvern” is derived from the Old French guivre, meaning ‘viper’. In recent military history, the gold wyvern on black square background was the formation sign of the 43rd Wessex Division in World War II. A wyvern on a pedestal inscribed “Wessex” was the badge of the Wessex Brigade, 1958-69, and the Wessex Regiment, 1967-95. In all of these representations, the wyvern has one leg raised.
After a brief bit more info there is slight disagreement over the exact design,but as I knew nothing about either until recently,for me either is fine !!.

We should keep in mind that England had a history long before the Normans, and the flag of Wessex betokens this. What we might nowadays call the “wyvern” is the “drake” (OE draca) or “wurm” (OE wyrm) of the West Saxons — that is, a “dragon”. The Wessex men flew a mythofaunomorphic flag of a golden dragon (as similarly the Cymru or Welsh flew a red dragon) overhead into battle. Indeed, such a golden dragon was carried by the English of King Harold Godwinsson at both of his last battles, those of Stamford and Hastings

Information from a number of sources went into this post !!,as I said before I like both,I would like to see it reborn for all in England, possibly as a canton design on the St George perhaps if not on it’s own ?.

The White Dragon flag of England

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This is the TRUE English National Flag of old,the Anglo Saxon English Flag- The White Dragon.

The White Dragon Flag of the English
The years around 450 AD witnessed the landing, in what was then Celtic Britain, of the first Anglo-Saxon war bands who were to go on and lay the foundation stones of what was to become the English Nation.
Two of these warrior traders, Hengest and Horsa, together with their Saxon, Angle and Jutish followers are traditionally regarded as the founders of England.
From the coast they gradually pushed inland up the rivers with small squadrons of ships whose crews became the founders of new communities as they advanced from East to West through Celtic Britain. During the next four centuries, the Saxon, Angle and Juttish settlers together with the northern Vikings, would become known collectively as the English. History records that the White Dragon was their emblem.
Various accounts of the times record many battles between armies carrying the Celtic British Red Dragon Banner (now the Welsh Dragon) and the white dragon flag of the early English.
Legend has it that the defeat of their Celtic enemies by the early English was foretold in a prophecy. It goes that in an underground lake slept two dragons. The Britons were represented by a red dragon and the English by a white dragon.
When they awoke they started fighting and the red dragon was overcome by the white one, symbolically representing the victory of the Anglo-Saxons over their Celtic adversaries.
I am 100% comfortable with the White Dragon as a genuine option for a rebirth of the old National Flag for a number of reasons.
1 This flag is a genuine piece of English History both in culture and a big what if ? had Harold won that day it would still be our National Flag.
2 This is a pure emblem untouched by fascist nutters and right wing propaganda of any sort,so can be displayed in a non threatening manner and will have no baggage.
3 I think not being a pure breed English chap,having Welsh and Irish,American and Canadian relatives,I want something I can really call mine,I was born in England etc etc,I feel 100% English even with a strong Celtic strain on my Dads side,so a rebranding of England under the White Dragon could I feel unite “various groups”under a banner they can’t cry about as it is NEW, or old depending on your point of view,most importantly IT IS NOT A SYMBOL OF RAJ COLONIALISM,it is free of the Empire stigma.

Below are a few links to the White Dragon theme and English merchandise to buy.

I am sure that many of you out there know all about the true England Flag,for those who didn’t,now you know,what do you think ?.

Scottish Raj may impose new time zone on England and Wales

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According to a Sunday paper Scotland may get it’s own time zone before very long,by staying with GMT and having England and Wales move to European time.
A Lighter Evenings Bill is before the House of Lords,which will put England and Wales in line with mainland Europe 1 hour ahead of GMT in Winter and 2 hours ahead in Summer.

This item got me curious and I found a bit of interesting gen.

In October of 2004
Kent MP Nigel Beard said devolution means Scots should not have the power to determine time for the English. (IF ONLY HE KNEW)
In a Private Member’s Bill being introduced in parliament this week he wants to give English and Welsh MPs the power to change the clocks independently – and allow the Scottish parliament and Northern Irish assembly to follow if they wish.

In 1996
a Bill was put before Parliament with the intention of bringing the UK in line with Western Europe, one hour ahead of GMT in winter and two hours ahead in summer.

Isn’t it funny,this MP Nigel Beard says Scots should not have the power to determine time for the English !!! and that was two years ago,yet on both the 1996 and 2004 Bills it was defeated by Scottish votes BIG F**king surprise.

So now we have the situation in exactly the way the MP didn’t want,the Lords clearly stuffed full of Scots are to dictate to you and me without consultation what time zone we are in, using the same time zone as the 96/2004 Bills,but only for us poor defenseless English and Welsh who it would seem aren’t clever enough to decide for ourselves.
So much for English MP’s having a bit of power?

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