FIFA World Cup 2006 XBOX Game

May 16, 2006 at 5:44 pm | Posted in England, Football, World Cup, XBOX GAMES | Leave a comment

We got the new EA Footy game yesterday for XBOX and can happily report that it’s so far pretty good,although I suppose that depends on your point of view of course.

Control wise all those familiar with FIFA 06 will not have any probs as it’s the same,the game play though I have found will have people split down the middle,those who like it and those who might be not so keen.

The game play I found is a lot more open with far less aggressive defences and the daft ability to run from one goal to the other unchallenged and score,the game allows far more time to pass the ball around but crossing and shooting are far more hap hazard,rather than the laser guided crosses and headers of FIFA 06,FIFA World Cup needs more than a bit of luck to connect,with more headers going over or wide rather than fire and forget accuracy of FIFA 06.

Shooting for goal can still produce super goals using tactics from FIFA 06,but I found some of my fav passing moves don’t have your man where you want him,and the new camera angle regularly has you crossing blind rather than being able to see your man running in as with FIFA 06.

This new game with it’s slightly wooly camera angles and suss crosses has actually been really entertaining to play as it is less formulaic without that guarantee of instant goal mouth success.

I have found some serious shots and headers that would be goals in FIFA 06 hitting the woodwork several times a game and the goalies are far better pulling off some great saves too,the early good news is my current top score of 13-1 which I got last night was by chance in a qualifying match against SCOTLAND,what a shame.

So would I recommend this game YES I WOULD,for FIFA fans it’s pick up and play,for those dead keen on World Cup but don’t play FIFA you will really enjoy it too.


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